Atelier Barda

Atelier Barda

Atelier Barda is an architecture practice whose methodology is based on the singularity of each project and each client. Each proposal comes from a questioning, to tend, to the most appropriate response in which the needs of the project and its context are redefined through a process of experimentation.

The practice is based on a common demand for the articulation of constructive thought and the sensitive approach of space, with particular attention to the multiple details that make up a project. The team focuses its work on both project management and experimentation, through competitions and private commissions.

In 2017, the agency won the Architecture Emerging Talent Award at the Emerging Designer Competition organised by the Toronto Design Exchange Museum and the Canadian Interior Award at the Best of Canada Competition. 

Atelier Barda is based in Montreal and maintains various collaborations in Paris, notably with the Antonio Virga architect agency.


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