Appareil Architecture

Appareil Architecture

Appareil architecture is a Montreal-based firm whose mission is to design quality residential and commercial environments for its occupants. Known for a sleek and contemporary signature style, greatly inspired by the studio’s Nordic roots, their projects demonstrate the commitment to finding a balance between tradition and modernity.

Appareil are a multidisciplinary agency in architecture, interior design and design offering a comprehensive scope of services adapted to their client’s specific needs and together with them, carrying out all stages of the design process. Appareil undertakes the planning, research, construction, interior design, object design and built-in furniture design of their projects making them a multi-functional firm. This approach allows for simplified project management and to facilitate the experience, as well as to find effective, integrated and customised solutions. Working closely with carefully chosen partners and craftsmen to join forces and expertise in order to achieve a truly personalised, innovative and high-quality environment.


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