Lifestyle products from wall art to kitchenware

At est HQ we believe in finding the joy in everyday living. Whether you surround yourself with must have designer pieces or treasured family heirlooms, each and every item should be considered for its inherent value to your family’s well being. To enjoy a relaxed, contemporary lifestyle requires consideration of each and every purchase – whether it be for wall art or basic kitchenware. Our product pages consider modern Australian style, global trends and local craftsmanship. When it comes to statement pieces for a modern living room, est living considers all aspects from design conscious technology showcasing the beauty of electrical appliances to tactile and inherently unique product design. Whether you’re in need of a bathroom revamp or a mini makeover we’ll show you how to get the look in order to create your own bathroom masterpiece.  For every day essentials there is the Menu salt & pepper Bottle Grinder set by Norm Architects and wall décor from some of our favourite furniture brands. From marble wall murals to custom wallpaper, we’ll show you how to add designer wallpaper to add more depth and character to your room in conjunction with selected pieces of wall art. We search for the very best products to help you lead a design inspired life along with  organic products designed to promote sustainable living. For est it’s all about matching products to your desired lifestyle.