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Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Wine Cellar

Black eclipse glass
The Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Wine Cellar presents design and style innovations. Smeg wine cellars feature a user-friendly touch-control display on the outside of the door glass, which allows access to change temperature, humidity and light without opening the door. Perfectly shaped housings provide ample storage for different shaped bottles. Telescopic sliding oak shelves allow for easy placement, storage and removal. The smooth movement prevents disturbance of wine sediment. The ideal companion to the built-in Dolce Stil Novo Sommelier Drawer. Smeg’s Dolce Stil Novo collection presents uninterrupted lines, precision craftsmanship and elegance – beautiful yet purposeful appliances. The comprehensive collection features exclusive, beautiful and truly unique aesthetics with refined copper or stainless steel detailing. Partnered with leading technology and superior performance, they make the perfect addition to the modern and contemporary home.
"Design is not a profession. It’s a way of living."
Architect Patricia Urquiola


Smeg is an Italian appliance manufacturer based in Guastalla, midway between Venice and Milan, in Northern Italy, a region with a rich heritage of design, art, architecture, fashion and culture.  With beauty and inspiration at every turn, unsurprisingly the region has generated...

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