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Kingdom Pendant

Kingdom Pendant – A paradox of modern life is that we strive to create flawless settings, yet at the same time crave nature, with all its imperfections. Karl Zahn, a designer who is among Lindsey’s frequent collaborators, seeks to reconcile this conundrum in Kingdom. With an arching form inspired by sedum morganianum, the otherworldly succulent called “Burro’s Tail,” with plump leaves resembling grains of rice, on cascading stems, Kingdom is both balanced and ever-so-slightly off-kilter. The fixture’s customizable armature, in finishes including polished aluminum and brushed brass, is studded with clear or white mold-blown glass globes in subtly descending volumes, aglow with the warm LED light. Any way it is configured, Kingdom is as divinely ordered and naturally imperfect as existence itself.

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