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HT019 Knobs

Antique Brass Matte, Copper Blush Matte, Charcoal Matte, Oxidised Tin Matte
The HT019 Knobs are part of the Kethy range of products. Kethy was born in 1990 when the Swedish company Kethy Produkter appointed Greg Steele as the Australian distributor for their products. Today, Kethy Australia has built on the design philosophy where they design, build and select products that satisfy their goal to provide “Designs That Enhance” – They believe that their products should enhance the look and function of the furniture to which they are attached, be it in your Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry vanity or on furniture in your lounge, living room or bedroom.
"Design is not a profession. It’s a way of living."
Architect Patricia Urquiola

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Sydney-based design studio Tom Mark Henry pull off a subtle tonal grandeur in an Art Deco apartment in Woollahra, Sydney.

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