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Katie Daniels

Saint Cloche Galleries Melbourne-based artist Katie Daniels, an emerging artist with a Bachelor of Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong, a Master of Arts Curatorship from the University of Melbourne, and most recently a finalist in the Wynne prize. A luminous landscape painter with a distinctive colour palette and dreamy aesthetic, Katie captures the essence of the Australian landscape enhanced with an evocative sense of other-worldliness. “I think of these paintings as methods of record keeping. Not only as records of my own personal experience of transformative feelings, and often, joy, but of appreciation for the landscape which they depict. I find myself thinking more often than not about what will remain long after I, or we, are gone, and it is not lost on me that painting landscape is a way of providing memory or history of world we witness for the future. Ultimately, my hope is that these paintings resonate with the beauty that I witnessed in presence of their subject, that they speak of my appreciation.”

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