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Cuero Leather Pampa Butterfly Chair


The Cuero Leather Pampa Butterfly Chair has been synonymous with refined taste and style since it first saw the light of day in 1938. If you can only choose one piece of classical furniture for your home, this is the one you must have. Nothing compares to the feeling of unboxing your Pampa Mariposa butterfly chair for the very first time. You quickly realize that there is nothing more to ask for, as your needs and wishes have been anticipated and handcrafted into reality. The first thing that you will notice is the sweet aroma of the luxury Cuero leather. As you look closely, you are impressed by the thickness of the skin. When you take a step back, you notice how beautiful this particular version of the butterfly chair looks in your room. The delicately rounded edges and perfect proportions of the model. Your friends and family will definitely be impressed by your sophisticated style.

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