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Zellige Terracotta Weathered Tile

Our scribes’ ink zellige is the most elegant of black terracotta tiles covered in a shimmering glaze that provides the same nuances of drying ink as it traverses between gloss and iridescent tones. This finish assures that your black tiled projects will bear the distinction of glazes that cast a glimmer and shine unlike any other. Zellige are terracotta tiles from Morocco. Zellige (pronounced zill-eejh’) acquires its coloring from the historic clay body that is a rich terra cotta, inherently forcing it’s hue through all the glazes. If you’re tired of the same-ol same-ol, then this tile born from a 10th century tile-making craft has arrived just in time for you! clé zellige is handmade in morocco. formed from the moroccan earth, and baked in kilns fired by burning olive pits.

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