• Ottawa Sofa

    Got a creative mind? Designer Karim Rashid surely does, and with the Ottawa Sofa he invites you to play and… continue reading.

  • Dune Sofa

    The Dune Sofa is from the versatile and modular Dune system by Carlo Colombo for Poliform.

  • Aran Armchair & Sofa

    The Aran Armchair & Sofa are both timeless and luxurious included in the ‘Aran’ range with all products featuring a… continue reading.

  • Match Sofa

    The Match Sofa hails from a family of modular sofas, offering a number of compositions adapted to each given space…. continue reading.

  • Chance Sofa

    The Chance sofa by Désirée has an elegant and refined design enhanced by the capitonné manufacturing. The modular nature of… continue reading.

  • Eda-Mame Sofa

    Shaped by an organic development inspired by the form of a soy bean, the typical ingredient in Oriental cuisine, the… continue reading.

  • Febo Sofa

    The Febo Sofa Range is completed by four elegant armchairs distinguished by backrests that can be low or high or… continue reading.

  • Husk Sofa

    The Husk-Sofa is not a sofa with the soft part placed on a base but is, instead, softness turned into a… continue reading.

  • Zaza Sofa

    Introducing Zaza, the latest collaboration with award-winning Australian designer Charles Wilson for King Living. Raising the benchmark in contemporary style… continue reading.

  • SAKe Sofa

    “The design of the SAKe Sofa comes from the search for lightness. A technological platform, magically suspended in the air… continue reading.

  • Nanna Ditzel Vita Sofa

    The Nanna Ditzel Vita Sofa balances minimalism and extravagance to form an enduring modern classic that promises to stand the… continue reading.

  • Howard Sofa

    The Howard Sofa is a deco inspired contemporary piece. Constructed using 8-way hand tied springs, it is available in a… continue reading.

  • Miami Sofa

    Perfect for small space living, the Miami sofa offers statement looks delivered in a marriage of comfort and simplicity. Those… continue reading.

  • Tufty-Time Sofa

    Designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia, the Tufty-Time Sofa is an informal modular system, with free and versatile composition… continue reading.

  • Borge Mogensen 2213 Sofa

    The Borge Mogensen 2213 Sofa was designed by Mogensen for his own home in 1962. With generous proportions, modest aesthetic,… continue reading.

  • Keely Sofa

    The Keely Sofa is Australian made and designed. Keely is a contemporary streamlined style designed for supreme comfort. Handcrafted, premium… continue reading.

  • Nantes Sofa

    The Nantes Sofa is designed with strict lines that easily interact with modern architecture. The sofa is built on a… continue reading.

  • Melo 2 Sofa Bed

    From sitting to lounging to sleeping, the Melo 2 sofa bed is not only a sophisticated sofa it is also… continue reading.