• Felix Sofa

    Enjoy a new level of comfort with Felix from King Living. Built on King Living’s famous engineered steel frame, Felix… continue reading.

  • Dune Sofa

    The Dune Sofa is from the versatile and modular Dune system by Carlo Colombo for Poliform.

  • Blockone Sofa

    With linear and rational design, the Blockone Sofa is a system of modular seating, with a broad compositional freedom, both… continue reading.

  • Nakki Sofa

    The Nakki Sofa is meant to be a cheerful personality in the room. The sofa has ample, yet firm padding… continue reading.

  • Kubic Soft Sofa

    The Kubic Soft sofa features a very advanced and versatile modular design. Creating great depth and comfort. it is perfect for… continue reading.

  • 503 Soft Props Sofa

    The 503 Soft Props Sofa is an innovatively developed system. It is generated from a nucleus of two modules that… continue reading.

  • Essential Sofa

    The Essential Sofa is the third of Edra’s sofas to use “smart” cushions, a technology that makes the cushions pliable… continue reading.

  • Husk Sofa

    The Husk-Sofa is not a sofa with the soft part placed on a base but is, instead, softness turned into a… continue reading.

  • Plaza Sofa

    The Plaza Sofa was built for comfort with luxurious feather and Ultradown back cushions and deep seats. This sofa is… continue reading.

  • Juliet Sofa

    The Juliet Sofa is inviting and relaxed with comfortable back scatter cushions and slim arms complimenting its inviting structure.

  • Howard Sofa

    The Howard Sofa is a deco inspired contemporary piece. Constructed using 8-way hand tied springs, it is available in a… continue reading.

  • Eda-Mame Sofa

    Shaped by an organic development inspired by the form of a soy bean, the typical ingredient in Oriental cuisine, the… continue reading.

  • Parma Motion Sofa

    The new Parma powered motion sofa is designed by celebrated Dutch designer, Frans Schrofer. Unlike traditional motion designs, the Parma… continue reading.

  • Tufty-Time Sofa

    Designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia, the Tufty-Time Sofa is an informal modular system, with free and versatile composition… continue reading.

  • Borge Mogensen 2213 Sofa

    The Borge Mogensen 2213 Sofa was designed by Mogensen for his own home in 1962. With generous proportions, modest aesthetic,… continue reading.

  • Agon Sofa

    The Agon Sofa is a luxurious sofa for everyone who particularly appreciates comfort. The special construction of the backrest allows… continue reading.

  • Develius Sofa

    The Develius Sofa is the epitome of lounging in luxury. Conceived by Dutch designer Edward van Vliet, the shape is… continue reading.

  • Adelaide Sofa

    Beautiful from all angles and with a great comfort, the Adelaide Sofa is an elegant little masterpiece. Slim organic lines… continue reading.