est living design directory 21.1 pendant light poliform 750x540

The 21.1 Standard Suspension Light is fabricated from thin sheets of porcelain wrapped around frosted borosilicate glass trumpet-shaped diffusers.… Read More

Non Random Light | Space

Old ladies call them neatly coiled balls of yarn, kids talk about soap bubbles hanging from lightbulbs, some say they… Read More

Agostino and Brown table mappa est living 750x540

The Mappa Light by Agostino and Brown is designed as a simple white metal frame to hang as a pendant… Read More


The Moni  pendant light is a monochromatic, modern yet timeless collection featuring a soft, fluid form that is perfectly complemented… Read More

Suspence Pendant Cult

The Suspence Pendant, designed by GamFratesi for Lightyears, is organic with a natural soft curve. The shape of the lamp… Read More

Scope Pendant | Rakumba Lighting

Designed by Rakumba, Scope takes a common cylinder into elegant geometric simplicity. With a broad range of sizes and finishes,… Read More

est living design directory lighting black pendant 2 750x540

This elemental pendant is composed of a long steel rod, a powder coated brass disc, and black socket.  The pivot… Read More

est living desing directory ball light black 750x540

Michael Anastassiades produces his artistic, modern, collectable and sculptural works in limited quantities. The glass work is free-blown, the stone… Read More

est living design directory ren pendant remodern.05 750x540

A simple recycled concrete funnel with a metal apex, the Ren Pendant hovers effortlessly with its refined craftsmanship coaxing the… Read More


The Cumulus Pendant Lights by Enoki is delivered flat packed with a Tasmanian oak frame and a coloured flex cord. Designed… Read More


The Lumi collection is refined in its masculine elegance. Crafted by hand from solid steel, the Lumi Pendant Light by… Read More

Introvert Extrovert Light Rakumba

The Introvert Extrovert Light is parametrically designed to always follow one of nature’s most prevalent formulas – the Golden Ratio.… Read More

Tim Pendant Lights Spence and Lyda

The Tim Pendant Lights were created by designer duo Olgoj Chorchoj. Michal Fronek and Jan Nemecek in cooperation with BOMMA… Read More

Silo Pendant Great Dane

The shape of the pendants has been refined and resolved in the form of the Silo pendant, a minimalistic light… Read More

Austere Ceiling Light Great Dane

The Austere Ceiling Light was born out of a collaborative effort between Belgian lighting manufacterer Trizo21 and architect and designer… Read More

Viper Light Rakumba

Designed by Rakumba, the Viper Light is familiar in shape made unique with its finishes and superb detailing.… Read More

Stadium Taper Light Rakumba

The Stadium Taper Light is a blank canvas ready to showcase a selection of special fabrics – a tapered version… Read More

Capital Light Rakumba

Designed by Archier, the Capital pendant makes a bold and brassy statement.  Capital provides both up and down lighting, addressable… Read More

Raimond Pendant | Space

The Raimond pendant: a perfect sphere of mathematical ingredients punctuated by tiny LED lights. Looking at the lamp feels like… Read More

est living design directory rakumba city lights.01 750x540

Designed by Rakumba, City Lights perfectly captures glamour and simplicity by marrying its elongated lines with curved edges.… Read More

est living design directory in between chair great dane copenhagen 01 750x540

The Copenhagen Pendant fuses the classic and the modern, the maritime and the industrial with its matte-lacquered metal lampshade dispersing light in a subtle but spectacular way.… Read More

Est Living Design Directory Great Dane Austere Chandelier 1 750x540

The innovative Austere Chandelier invites sculptural designs that make an artistic statement, while incorporating eco-friendly technology upholding Trizo21’s commitment to… Read More

est living design directory yi pendant light remodern.04 750x540

A floating concrete beam, the Yi Pendant is made of waste product (coal cinder) and cast concrete, creating a light,… Read More

est living design directory disk hanging light tossb.01 750x540

A large saucer of golden light, gently diffusing throughout your room, like the shimmering sound of a gong. As a… Read More

Octo 4240 Fred International

The beautiful organic shape of the Octo 4240 Lampshade inspires a sense of simplicity and comfort. Hand-crafted PEFC-certified birch slats… Read More

est living design directory potter light anchor ceramics 3 750x540

The Potter Lights are handmade giving each fitting its own unique quality and character. The ceramic compenent is thrown on… Read More

FL/Y pendant | Space

FL/Y is an essential pendant which is characterised by the “subtle interpretation of the theme”.  The FL/Y Opaque is instantly… Read More

Knot Pendant Lights Spence and Lyda

The Knot Pendant Lights Collection is a collecation of stately pendent lights that appose two dramatically dissimilar materials. The design… Read More

Knit Wit Fred International

The Knit-Wit family of lamps with their basic shape, warmth and lightness, range of sizes and wide color palette can… Read More

est living design directory 14.3 light bocci poliform 750x540

14.3 is a random configuration of three 14 pendants hung from a round canopy. The pendants are designed to hang in a random configuration at times clustering and grouping together and others trailing off.… Read More

Buri Pendant Light Spence and Lyda

The Buri Pendant Light is a Handwoven pendant light made of buri midribs, a fibre from local palm trees in… Read More

est living a110 hand grenade pendant black 750x540

Alvar Aalto designed the Hand Grenade lamp for the building of the Finnish Engineers’ Association, which he was also the… Read More

est living design directory lighting orbit pendant 1 750x540

The Orbit Pendant features a single or double spun brass disc, which orbits like a planet around a single glowing… Read More


All Little Bishop Pendant Light Hooks are finished in a bright white undercoat and can be colour matched to suit… Read More

Highline Light Rakumba

Designed by Archier studio, the Highline Light, in solid brass, is understated and elegant – a little bit like the… Read More

Metro Light Rakumba

The Metro Light features a handcrafted expressed frame with inset fabric panels. Metro is a luxe take on what was… Read More