Dining Chairs

  • Da Vinci Chair

    The Da Vinci Chair is a charming, comfortable chair that can standalone or be utilised as dining chair. The original… continue reading.

  • BCN Wood Stool

    The BCN Wood Stool is a vibrant addition to a modern home. BCN Wood is a new item in the… continue reading.

  • Kai #42 Chair Oak

    The Kai #42 Chair simply cannot be improved. The chair’s characterisitics speak not only of timeless design but the harmonious… continue reading.

  • Comback Sled Chair

    The Comback Sled Chair has just arrived in Australia, the Comback features a backrest consisting of seven “teeth” spreading out… continue reading.

  • No 811 Hoffman

    Designed in the late 1920’s, this model features a hand woven cane seat which offers extra comfort and lightness. The No.811… continue reading.

  • Blade Table

    Designed by CR&S Varenna for Poliform, the Blade Table is defined by its aesthetic rigor and extraordinary versatility. Its contemporary… continue reading.

  • Cover Chair

    The Cover chair is a modern reinterpretation of the classic wooden armchair. In a clever design choice, thin form pressed… continue reading.

  • Flea Chair

    Designed with the notion of ‘less is more’ and Jasper Morrison’s ‘supernormal’ in mind, the Flea looks at what is… continue reading.

  • SIA chair

    Named after its unique adjustable backrest, SIA chair is a lightweight timber chair that is slender in design yet uncompromising… continue reading.

  • Swan Chair

    Characteristic of the Swan are emphasised in Arne Jacobsen’s Swan Chair with the shell containing no straight lines but only curves…. continue reading.

  • CH20 Elbow Chair

    With its lower back support and horizontal seat, the CH20 Elbow chair is a compact dining chair suitable for working at a table or desk.

  • Potocco Vela Chair

    The Potocco Vela Chair is a statement dining chair with a woven seat and slim legs that is perfect for a… continue reading.

  • Grey 24

    Gray integrates “gustavian” and “scandinavian”styles into a contemporary collection of casual furniture.

  • Sharky Stool

    The high Sharky stool by Kristalia exactly replicates the form of the Sharky dining chair and becomes a comfortable kitchen counter seat.

  • Feel Good Dining Chair

    The Feel Good Dining Chair is a supremely well handcrafted Italian designer piece that is elegant and formal, whilst luxurious… continue reading.

  • Lottus Wood Chair

    The Lottus Wood collection is characterised by birch plywood making it both a contemporary and timeless design. The timber used… continue reading.

  • About a Chair

    The curvy proportions of the About a Chair work just as well when combined with an angular, contemporary dining table as… continue reading.

  • Blow Dining Chair

    The Blow Dining Chair is one of the most perfect modern chairs for your dining table. Designed in Italy and… continue reading.