• Amber Road

    Amber Road is a Sydney based design collective dedicated to making inspiring & unique ‘inside and outside’ spaces, large and… continue reading.

  • Made By Cohen

    Susie Cohen’s Melbourne based design practice, Made By Cohen, celebrates life, family and creativity. Cohen’s designs tend toward simplicity, with… continue reading.

  • Handelsmann & Khaw

    Tania Handelsmann and Gillian Khaw collaborate with their clients to develop elegant, carefully-crafted environments that reflect their clients’ individual personalities… continue reading.

  • K.P.D.O

    Favouring a collaborative design approach, which extends from the office structure through to client involvement, KPDO espouses the theory of… continue reading.

  • Flack Studio

    Established in 2014, Flack Studio is an interior architecture and design practice based in Melbourne. Their work traverses residential, hospitality… continue reading.

  • Hecker Guthrie

    The studio of Hecker Guthrie is a multi-disciplinary practice, based in Melbourne Australia. Under the direction of Paul Hecker and… continue reading.

  • Rob Mills Architects & Interiors

    An architecture and interior design studio all under one roof, Rob Mills Architects and Interiors create spaces for their clients that… continue reading.

  • Shareen Joel

    Shareen Joel Design is a multi disciplinary Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Architectural Building Design and Industrial Design practice based in… continue reading.

  • Stephen Jolson

    Jolson’s dedication to detail and ability to bring together nature, architecture and interiors have resulted in a body of work… continue reading.

  • Ritz&Ghougassian

    RITZ&GHOUGASSIAN is both an internationally recognised and award winning architectural practice. Their work is considered and demonstrates a unique sense… continue reading.

  • Doherty Design Studio

    Doherty Design Studio is a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Melbourne. The studio creates tailored residential and commercial environments from… continue reading.

  • Taylor Knights

    Taylor Knights believe in creating exciting and meaningful spaces that can enrich our lives. They believe that good design is spirited, thoughtful and a joy to experience. They… continue reading.

  • James Russell Architect

    James Russell Architect is a design based practice using traditional pen on paper and cardboard models through early stages of… continue reading.

  • Architects EAT

    Architects EAT is a Melbourne based architecture and interior design practice.  Their projects range from small scale private homes and… continue reading.

  • Mim Design

    Mim Design is an award-winning Melbourne-based practice known for its creativity, high end finishes and attention to detail. Mim Design… continue reading.

  • Alwill Architecture + Interiors

    Alwill Architecture + Interiors are a boutique design service working alongside each other. They often collaborate and also work independently…. continue reading.

  • Carole Whiting Interiors + Design

    Carole Whiting Interiors + Design is a Melbourne-based multi-disciplinary office with an emphasis on authentic design, excellent service and considered, tailored solutions… continue reading.

  • Fiona Lynch

    Renowned for their artistic approach to interior design, the Fiona Lynch design office excels in achieving beautiful and genuine outcomes across… continue reading.