Gill Rocca Art | Otomys Art Galler

Gill Rocca is a London based artist recognised for her contemporary landscape paintings in oil.The paintings attempt to create a… Read More


Sophia Szilagyi is a calm, deep thinking, talented Australian artist and her work is powerful. When you stand in front of… Read More


Chris Warnes used a traditional Hasselblad camera to capture delicacy and calm in these two bodies of work – WET… Read More


Growing up around the foreshore of Sydney Harbour, an area comprising some of our country’s most significant historical and cultural… Read More

Celia Gullett Art | Otomys Art Gallery

The Raga paintings by Celia Gullett explore the intricate confluence between painting and music in the Rajput tradition. “The act of… Read More

est living design directory feature miranda skoczek edwina corlette gallery the most divine of cloths 3059 750x540

“My paintings speak of a desire to create sanctuary for the self” says Miranda Skoczek. In her work, combined energies… Read More

Liliana Barbiera Art | Otomys Art Gallery

Liliana Barbieri, fluent in the languages of Renaissance and Italianate architecture,  separates structure from sky in her disrupted architectural abstractions.… Read More

Sophie Bray Art | Otomys Art Gallery

Sophie Bray ’s artworks evince feelings of immersion and the connectedness one senses by the sea. Her evolving painting and… Read More

est living design directory ari athens edwina corlette xenoliths 750x540

“Science underpins all my work,” says Ari Athans. Geography, geology, and topography combine in her paintings to resonate with a… Read More

est living design directory careel bay marina pittwater28.2.16.24x30.72 750x540

Drawing inspiration from the seascapes of Sydney and Bluey’s Beach on NSW mid north coast, contemporary artist Sally West  enjoys… Read More

est living design directory feature michael muir watersedge somethingmystic 750x540

Michael Muir’s work explores the simplification and interpretation of various forms predominately being the built environment. With an emphasis on… Read More


Joanna Logue’s paintings are inspired by the landscape surrounding her studio in Oberon. Interested in the tension created by the juxtaposition… Read More

est living abbey mcculloch feature edwina corlette the master

Women as social beings: mothers, daughters, sisters – the manner in which the feminine might present itself when the public… Read More


or Marisa Purcell, paint acts as a medium between the empirical world of knowing and a release into the unknown.… Read More

Eduardo Santos Otomys

Born in Brazil, Eduardo Santos’ photography and art practice has developed slowly by technical experiment and intuitive process. His work… Read More

Est Living Design Directory Otomys Chris Warnes 1 750x540

The mystical power and scale of these cloud by Trevor Mein draw you in – viewers become ‘cloud-struck’ by these… Read More