Kitchenware & Dining Accessories

  • Lime Line Tumbler

    The Lime Line Tumbler collection from Spence and Lyda features clean and harmonious lines and a beautifully delicate drinking experience.

  • Kartio Tumbler

    The Kartio Tumbler by Franck is one of his purest realisations and captures the perfect balance between the material and the geometric form.

  • Brass Salad Servers

    We know that salads always taste better when made by someone else – but we think these brass servers add just… continue reading.

  • Kali Stoneware Plates

    The Kali stoneware plates are beautifully crafted and glazed by expertly skilled artisans with each piece boasting its own subtly unique character.

  • JamFactory Thrown Ceramics

    JamFactory Thrown Ceramics are hand thrown, glazed and fired in the JamFactory Ceramics Studio. JamFactory studio production focuses on the design of… continue reading.

  • Vincent Van Duysen Shallow Pot

    Serene and sober, the Vincent Van Duysen Shallow Pot designed for When Objects Work is a simple but classic design…. continue reading.

  • Bottle Grinders

    Bottle Grinders look nothing like the salt and pepper grinders you’re used to. You simply open them, fill them with… continue reading.

  • Smeg 50s Style Kettle

    The Smeg 50s Style Kettle with its soft opening lid, lime scale filter and auto shut off at 100°C ensures… continue reading.

  • Hay Jug

    Expert glass artist Jochen Holz has created this glass HAY Jug. Made from borosilicate glass so it is extra heat… continue reading.

  • Pebble Bowl

    The Pebble Bowl is one of Mud Australia’s most popular pieces. The versatile, flat bottomed design and generous size, makes… continue reading.

  • Gomma Storage Box

    The idea behind the Gomma Storage Box pieces is that they can be used for storing anything from jewellery in… continue reading.

  • Kali Stoneware Cup

    The Kali stoneware cups are perfect for those yearning for a supremely elegant, yet highly functional collection of ceramics.

  • Købn Rust Handtowel

    Every detail of the Købn Rust Handtowel is thoughtfully considered. This towel is reversible with highlight stripes in black, white and fluro… continue reading.

  • Købn Crema Handtowel

    Every detail of the Købn Crema Handtowel is thoughtfully considered. This towel is reversible with highlight stripes in black, with one… continue reading.

  • Laminex Enamel

    Laminex Enamel is a strong, mid tone green with a warm undertone. Natural finish is a low sheen, smooth touch finish… continue reading.

  • Porcelain Bloat Vase

    Porcelain Bloat Vase is a simple, classic and special tiny, satin matte bloat. Clam Lab is a collection of ceramic objects… continue reading.

  • Terracotta Dish

    HAY’s Terracotta Dish is unglazed terracotta with shallow sides. Adds a rustic and raw aesthetic to a kitchen or living… continue reading.

  • Combekk Dutch Oven Cooking Pot

    This Dutch Oven Cooking Pot by Combekk is quality with Dutch origin. Completely enamelled cast iron with a functional design… continue reading.