Prahran Home by Biasol

  • From the outset, this century-old Victorian terrace may look like many other homes found in the coveted suburb of Prahran, in Melbourne’s inner south east. Yet open the door and you will find one of the things we love most here at est – when classic and modern design collide. It was no surprise that Interior Designer Jean-Pierre Biasol jumped at the opportunity to transform this home’s interior and inject a modern spin on traditional Parisian design while doing so.

    DESIGN Jean-Pierre Biasol | PHOTOGRAPHY James Morgan

    The elegant Victorian facade sets the tone for the entire home. From the black and white diamond checkered porch tiles to the ornately detailed white framed windows, you know you’re about to step into a home that has been executed with the highest level of class. The arched-frame steel door immediately captures your attention and is the perfect entry into the heart of the home, the kitchen. Keeping in line with the brief, Biasol ensured functionality was never compromised. Stretching up to meet the ceilings, colonial square set cabinetry accentuates the home’s rather high ceilings. While offering abundant storage, this extended cabinetry height also cleverly makes this somewhat small kitchen appear larger. A central island bench topped with Carrara marble offers extra space for food preparation and a place of informal dining for this young family. Not only infused with effortless Parisian charm, the updated kitchen configuration ensures functionality is maximised.

    Biasol has done a fine job of modernising the spaces yet still respecting the home’s traditional roots and features. Many of the home’s original features were restored (like the original arched fireplaces in the bedroom) to retain the elegant charm of the buildings foundations. European oak chevron parquetry lines the floor, offering a wealth of texture and detail. Offsetting the straight lines from the cabinetry profile, the chevron pattern pays nod to the building’s Victorian heritage. High skirtings, classic Georgian tapware and a deep farmhouse sink adds much charm and sophisticated to this Modern-Victorian home. From the outlook it is easy to tell that a strong focus was placed on the materials and striking architectural features; or as Biasol explains, “A focus on simplicity and quality shaped the materials and colours we chose for the space, resulting in a refined monochromatic palette”.

    While the furniture pieces and decor may be minimalist in design, the right amount of detail and refinement has gone into transforming this once rather compact house into a place where the family can retreat to after a busy day. With a focus on opening up the spaces, the design team has created an effortless flow from the kitchen into the living and dining zones by using repeating materials, colours and offering a functional reconfiguration.

    “We took cues from the Victorian terrace’s heritage, but infused the space with a chic and modern Parisian influenced aesthetic”.

    – Biasol Founder and Principal, Jean-Pierre Biasol

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