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  • Choosing a kitchen, as we all know, can be one of the most daunting aspects of any home renovation or new build. As one of the most expensive rooms in the house to either update or construct from the ground up, the pressure is on then to choose a style that is both functional in its design as it is timeless in style.

    So it makes sense then to enlist the help of a kitchen expert, right? In the same way you might seek a referral from a friend or a dentist when looking for an orthodontist to fix your child’s crooked smile, trusting someone to manufacture and construct a significant functioning feature in your home requires the same amount of due diligence. As your personal design referral source, the team behind Est is more than confident to recommend a Poliform kitchen to anyone who wants to know. (And an orthodontist too just fyi…)

    We are all about design for longevity and while we admit that we do from time to time talk about trends – currently marble, brass and copper – we are staunch believers in the practice of ‘buy well, buy once’. As the starring act in our modern day homes, there is a lot of pressure to get the kitchen right in order for it to stand the test of time. Naturally the best bet then is to use the strongest and most durable joinery available on the market.


    With the joinery manufactured and fully assembled in Italy to ensure quality control, the Poliform craftsmen rely on laser scanners to achieve perfect alignment and assembly according to the company’s exacting standards. This process effectively shortens the install time and cost of the kitchen here in Australia. Meaning the family does not have to endure a staple diet of microwave dinners for weeks on end. A win win for everyone – especially those if us who threw the microwave out a decade ago.


    Drawers Wide Open: Beautifully crafted drawers will have you wanting to open up all of your drawers when guests come over for dinner.



    Ranging between 12mm and 26mm in thickness, all doors are finished using a lacquer, acrylic, wood veneer, solid wood, Corian or steel finish.


    Unlike the two-pack polyurethane finish used locally the doors are wrapped entirely in a six-layer low emission finish effectively ensuring a greater resistance to chips and scratches. The superior European polyurethane finish is designed to bruise, not chip, and does not become brittle over time. Constructed using 18mm thick moisture resistant board, as opposed to the local standard of 16mm, all cabinet carcasses are non-scratch and easy to clean.

    The sink cupboard units are fully lined in aluminum and sealed to ensure completely waterproof cabinets, while all drawers and cupboards are fitted with standard European soft closing mechanisms and anti slip drawer mats. With the devil really being in the detail its little wonder then that Poliform are one of the world leaders when it comes to well-thought out cabinetry design.

    In order to install a Poliform kitchen into your home all you need to do is follow the 4 Step Poliform Design Process which includes onsite consultation and preparation of plans, elevations and 3D renderings to ensure that you are able to clearly visualize the design details, layout and finishes of your new kitchen. Designing a quality kitchen built to last has never been easier…





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