Light, basic and a little raw is how Marjon Hoogervorst describes her work, and we couldn’t agree more. Her beautiful photography captures spaces with a supreme honesty and clarity of their fundamental form. Whichever way you look at it – Marjon’s photography is eponymous with a fresh new style.

Working for international design magazines sees Marjon’s time spent between sourcing homes to shoot and people to feature, producing books and creating imagery for lifestyle brands. When pressed to name her number one priority though, Marjon is quick to add the need to dream, explaining that without the chance to dream there is no source for creativity.



In Marjon’s home she shows us how she has incorporated tangerine with a chair packing just the right amount of punch.


Marjon Hoogervorst Photographer| Bedside Chair | Est Magazine
Home of Architect Joanna Klumpenaar Styling by Susanne Kennedy. 


Marjon Hoogervorst Photographer| Living Room | Est Magazine

Home of designer Hellen van Berkel. Styling Tatjana Quax and Susanne Kennedy.


Marjon Hoogervorst Photographer| Sofa Orange Striped Throw | Est Magazine
 Home of designer Hellen van Berkel. Styling Tatjana Quax and Susanne Kennedy.


Marjon Hoogervorst Photographer | Going Green Trend Report | Est Magazine

Going Green Trend Report for for Est Magazine Styling by AnoukB Issue #9 >>


Marjon Hoogervorst Photographer| Tangerine Tango Living | Est Magazine

Tangerine Tango Trend Report for Est Magazine Styling by AnoukB Issue #5 >>



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