Park Street Residence

  • As the late and great Yves Saint Laurent once remarked, “fashions fade, but style is eternal”. Of course there will always be a colour scheme of the moment, or a material that seems to have suddenly clung to every surface (currently, copper springs to mind), but style comes with a sense of timelessness, unfettered by trend.

    In reimagining this traditional Victorian house for three generations of inhabitants, B.E Architecture have created a distinguished home that is as practical as it is elegant. With a monochrome scheme, quality craftsmanship and balancing history and modernity, this home has style for the long haul.

    DESIGN B.E Architecture | PHOTOGRAPHY: Peter Clarke + B.E Architecture

    B.E Architecture have treated the design process as a reimagining than a reconstruction. The façade, originally painted, has been uncovered to showcase the ornate concrete and brick work beneath. Other traditional elements, such as the coved cornices, skirting and architraves, have been reduced rather than removed, adding character and history to the details. Other original surfaces have been treated with upgraded materials, such as the grooved panelling on ceilings and tile and marble in the kitchen and bathrooms.

    Clean lines and honest materiality dominate the interiors throughout the home. The grand appearance of the previous house has been modernised with consistent dark tones throughout and  minimal furnishings, emphasising natural light and space. Existing floor to ceiling bookshelves have been upgraded and stained in a dark finish for a more contemporary look, while clean walls and custom light fittings achieve a sense of balance and calm. No easy feat when you’ve got three generations under the one roof, but it seems that with this renewed aesthetic, this will be a home for many generations to come.

    Inspired by the past: Original fixtures like the stained glass windows and floor to ceiling bookshelves have been reimagined for a contemporary lifestyle, matched with a neutral colour scheme for harmony.

    In contrast to the traditional brick work of the front façade, the rear courtyard takes a modern approach, pairing dark bricks with black wood panelling and iron clad windows.

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