Park Slope Townhouse by Elizabeth Roberts Architects

  • Without fail, Elizabeth Roberts Architects restores Brooklyn Brownstones beyond their former glory with a stately elegance and modern durability. Warranting our unwavering love for the Roberts team’s expertise is the Park Slope Townhouse, adding to a favoured collection of previously featured projects (Lorimer Street Townhouse, New York Brownstone and Brooklyn Home).

    DESIGN Elizabeth Roberts Architects | PHOTOGRAPHY Dustin Aksland

    The townhouse is at the heart of the historic Brooklyn landmarked district of Park Slope. Standing untouched for a number of years, the once narrow brick home was completely gutted to welcome a newfound open-plan layout. The expansive kitchen area has been enlarged by the large steel and glass window and door assembly, making for a warming source of natural light. A raised indoor fireplace adds to the warmth of the kitchen, with newly constructed brickwork that houses a grill for cooking; a thoughtful ode to the home’s time before. To retain the home’s antique quality, the Roberts team has paid particular attention to preserving the historic hardware, brick fireplace and rich timber flooring. The design process was influenced by the respectful restoration of the old, as the interior relies heavily on emanating the heritage character, with traditional details. Classic wooden cabinetry, marble and lacquered brass fittings are timeless additions, accentuated by a uniform monochrome palette and muted tones.

    Built on firm foundations, this historic building has a tasteful new of lease of life, while maintaining an authentic old-style charm. We certainly know our love affair with Elizabeth Roberts Architects is not fading anytime soon.

    The resurrected staircase is now a boldly black-painted feature that complements both storeys, reflecting a signature appreciation for antiquity.

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