Parisian Design Stays to Visit in 2024

Paris is renowned for its rich design heritage, blending diverse architectural influences from classic Haussmann elegance to contemporary 20th-century modernism. The City of Lights (Ville lumière) captures an impressive array of design-focused accommodation and boutique hotels, each offering a luxurious and unique experience.

In this curated selection, we delve into five distinctive destinations to stay, from a bespoke, art-inspired hotel in Saint-Germain to a hub of art, fashion, and spirit on the banks of the River Seine, we reveal the distinct design narrative that has helped to shape each destination.


HIGHSTAY emerges as a first-of-its-kind collection of high-end travel apartments located in central Paris. This innovative concept revolutionises hospitality norms, offering seasoned travellers a private apartment with personalised service akin to a five-star hotel. The founders of HIGHSTAY, passionate about both design and hospitality, envisioned a Paris experience unlike any other, selecting coveted locations such as the Golden Triangle, Saint Honoré and Marais. 

“With the expertise of our in-house design studio and collaborations with renowned designers and architects, we offer our design-discerning guests a ‘home away from home’ in the heart of Paris,” HIGHSTAY CEO Maxime Lallement says. Each individual apartment has been meticulously designed to capture the unique essence of its locale, with every detail contributing to an immersive and authentic Parisian experience.

Like a hotel, HIGHSTAY’s dedicated and experienced team of professionals, from directors to housekeepers, provide hands-on customer service on a daily basis. Additionally, they have infused the apartments with an ‘insider’s touch,’ offering experiences such as historical walking tours, private cooking classes, and romantic cruises along the canal. This year, they are also offering a range of packages exclusively tailored for a unique Summer experience in the city.

In addition to short-term stays, HIGHSTAY recently introduced ‘HIGHSTAY EXTENDED’, whereby guests can enjoy the same high standards and level of service for stays lasting one month or more. With 36 operational apartments in Paris and another 48 currently under construction, with a goal of reaching 100 by 2026, the brand remains committed to expanding and innovating within the hospitality space.

HIGHSTAY ‘Louvre I’ Apartment | Photography by Thomas de Bruyne 

HIGHSTAY ‘Louvre I’ Apartment | Photography by Thomas de Bruyne 

HIGHSTAY ‘Louvre I’ Apartment | Photography by Thomas de Bruyne 

HIGHSTAY ‘Louvre I’ Apartment | Photography by Thomas de Bruyne 

HIGHSTAY EXTENDED ‘Galilee’ Apartment, designed by Framework Studio | Photography by Thomas de Bruyne 


“Villa-des-Prés is a hotel with an ideal location, perfectly at home in its neighborhood,” says Jérôme Didier, Hotel Manager at Villa des Prés. Located in Paris’ vibrant heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, where fashion and culture converge, the boutique 34-room Villa Des-Prés hotel is a charming refuge from the Parisian streetscape outside.

Villa-des-Prés collaborated closely with esteemed French interior decorator Bruno Borrione to conceptualize the interior layout, oversee artistic direction, and craft custom-made furniture. Whilst Amélie du Chalard of Amélie Maison d’Arts, worked alongside Borrione to curate an artistic accommodation that channels the Art Deco influences of the exterior facade.

A skilled team of French artisans have meticulously crafted the lighting fixtures, stained glass windows, furnishings, upholstery, and wallpapers to ensure a cohesive and captivating French aesthetic throughout.

Château des Fleurs

Located near the iconic Champs Elysées, adjacent to the Arc de Triomphe and the Golden Triangle, stands the Château des Fleurs, a recently opened luxury boutique hotel. Housed within a historic 1910 building, the luxury hotel has been reimagined as a homage to the grace and refinement of the 19th-century Parisian balls and offers a decorative nod to the effervescent spirit of the ‘Belle Epoque’.

“We wanted to create a reinterpretation of late 19th century Art Nouveau and adapt it to our times. For this, we were inspired by organic shapes and the natural imagination and diverted everything with certain levels of minimalism,” says the design team behind the hotel. Château des Fleurs is also home to the esteemed Restaurant OMA, a Korean-French fusion restaurant by well known Chef Ji-Hye Park.

Chateau des Fleur was recently awarded the distinction of a Michelin Key. This award highlights their commitment to providing an exceptional hotel experience, combining luxury, elevated design and the refinement of the Parisian Belle Époque. 


From the banks of the River Seine, this new Parisian flagship is a hub of art, fashion, and French spirit. The SO/Paris stands as a beacon of contemporary elegance in the heart of the Paris. Nestled in the prestigious 1st arrondissement, this avant-garde establishment redefines luxury with its innovative design and bespoke amenities. From the lobby, guests are greeted by a vibrant atmosphere where bold colours and modern art pieces create an immersive experience.

Comfort and style blend seamlessly within the meticulously designed rooms and suites. High-end furniture pieces, plush bedding, and state-of-the-art technology all ensure a restful stay where sprawling panoramic views of the city take centre stage. 

Beyond its luxurious rooms, the So/Paris offers a number of premium dining and leisure options to cater to every palate and preference. Located on the 15th Floor, Bonnie restaurant, Bar, and Club embodies the spirit of the swinging 1960’s. The Restaurant is a highlight, wrapped in artist Olafur Eliasson’s kaleidoscopic work where the Seine, the Ile de la Cité, and the Ile de Saint-Louis, are all reflected at 360°.

Norman Hôtel

Capturing a contemporary interpretation of Parisian living, the Norman Hôtel draws inspiration from the sophisticated ambiance of 1960s Paris. Imagined by architect and interior designer Thomas Vidalenc, Norman is a tribute to the open-mindedness, creativity, and personality of Norman Ives, an iconic figure of modernism.

Fun, fresh, and lively each of the 37 rooms and suites within the hotel has been expertly curated with artwork and embodies a stylish homage to this bygone era of refined elegance. Reminiscent of a private club rather than a hotel, the hotel captures an immediate sense of well-being, with hardwood floors, plush carpets, curtains made of natural wool, rosewood, leather detailing, and abstract paintings alongside vintage furniture pieces.

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