Paris Apartment by Guillaume Alan

  • There has been a growing global shift in the way we view luxury; instead of statement items we now covet “less but better”, and instead of status, we covet space to be ourselves. Nowhere is this emergent idea of luxury more clearly demonstrated than in the home or more specifically, by French architect Guillaume Alan. Instead of the obvious wealth of previous decades, today luxury occurs in the minimisation of elements, the stripping back to create calm and serenity – two luxuries sorely lacking in our overstimulated daily lives.

    It’s a philosophy beautifully realised by Guillaume Alan, whose latest residence is a masterclass in aesthetic restraint. With views of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower, the home’s location was already enviable, but thanks to the comprehensive architecture, interior design and furniture selection and design undertaken by Alan it achieves a new level of beauty.

    DESIGN Guillaume Alan | PHOTOGRAPHY Matthew Donaldson

    The apartment’s expansive space and adaptive layout proved a good starting point for Alan, who achieved the soothing backdrop of the home through a subtle spectrum of grey tones and by introducing a handful of textural details to differentiate spaces and provide delicate balance to the spaces. The same chalky hue is used throughout the home, while grey brushed-oak floors, natural marbles and brushed-ash wood reinforce the weightless aesthetic. The softer textures are equally luxurious, from soft leathers to silks, wools and raw linens, each texture working to build a coherent whole. Just as the bespoke painted walls might look simple on first glance, each element of the residence’s design has been handpicked by Alan, and adds further depth to the realisation of minimalism in the home.

    Light as a feather yet warm and softly welcoming, it’s understandable Alan describes the project as a “minimalist poetry of space”, as if writing a love sonnet to less. Through the commitment to restraint while prioritising the best materials on offer, Alan expresses the beauty in quietness and celebrates the luxury of calm.   

    This piece originally appeared in est magazine issue 29. Read the entire magazine online here.


    Pinpointing the essentials to pared-back Parisian poetry.

    Oak Molto Brushed Deep White Oil Mafi
    Mafi Oak Molto Brushed Deep White Oil | Mafi
    Unique Calacatta | Essastone by Laminex
    Unique Calacatta | Essastone by Laminex
    Vase Volcanic Medium Grey Lightly
    Vase Volcanic Medium Grey | Lightly
    Lime Paint Wolf Bauwerk
    Lime Paint Wolf | Bauwerk
    Aquas Neu Shower Rail Bathe
    Aquas Neu Shower Rail | Bathe
    Delta III Sofa | King Living
    Delta III Sofa | King Living

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