PA House by Studio Guilherme Torres

  • Throughout the late 70s and early 80s, the Brazilian city of Curitiba experienced a shift towards the environmentally friendly, led by architect and mayor Jaime Lerne. The design and planning movement set a precedence for keeping the surrounding vegetation front and centre — a legacy permeating the PA House by Sao Paulo firm Studio Guilherme Torres. Set in the middle of Curitiba’s ecological reserve of Mata Atlantica, the location has given this family home a certain “sui generis” — an unparalleled uniqueness appreciated in mindful design.

    DESIGN Studio Guilherme Torres | PHOTOGRAPHY Denilson Machado 

    Studio Guilherme Torres knew they had something special when they laid eyes on the 600 m² of land for their design. This fast became the driving force of inspiration behind the PA House: to create wide open spaces that celebrate the native outcrop but also foster an intimate atmosphere for the family within. Designed across two levels, the layout establishes two living areas – a formal lounge and an informal area for the family to gather. Enclosing these wide open spaces are double-glazed glass walls, that allow for the entire home to be opened up and absorb a sunlit view, while fulfilling the need for thermal insulation during the colder climate.

    The grand proportions of the PA House are well-matched with the brutalist elements of slatted concrete and metal. Inside, the concrete pillars are painted brown to blend with the timber that lines the walls and ceilings. Indicative of traditional Brazilian architecture, a large concrete wall on the ground floor injects depth and adds a sense of comfortability with the surrounds. The flooring takes an exceptionally luxurious turn, with silver travertine marble sourced from the home owner’s marble quarry. Together, the natural materially asserts a refined robustness and masks the home in warm neutral hues.

    The PA House is the kind of architecture that is more important than ever, given its prioritisation of the natural environment. Tapping into the sustainable shift in the city of Curitiba, Studio Guilherme Torres have ensured a sense of protection of the surrounds and at the same time, a beautiful dialogue with the lush landscape.

    The home offers a system of intelligent fireplaces inside glass enclosures, which receive heat by piping.

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