Oreo House by Taylor Pressly and CLP Architecture

  • As the unifying element from top to bottom, the spiral staircase in this Melbourne home by CLP Architecture and Taylor Pressly Architects sets a precedence for an exciting play of form, texture and contrast.

    If there’s one thing to say for the Oreo House located in the Melbourne suburb of Toorak, it’s that it has some serious curve appeal. The cork-screwing staircase is certainly to thank for this, becoming the central focal point of CLP Architecture’s design and Taylor Pressly Architects’ interiors. Connecting two floors and an upper terrace, this sculptural anchor has made way for an innovative layout and plenty of contrast, with all of the daily comforts for a family of six.

    The central hub of the home is the open plan living space, where scale and proportion can be best appreciated. Here a white palette highlights the sculptural features of the home while shining light on the array of textures on show. Literal light filtrates from the skylight that tops the staircase and through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors.

    Room to relax is offered on both sides of the living space, where the Tufty-Time Sofa and Butterfly chair create an ideal family spot, and the other a more formal lounge – note the rounded touch. At every level on either side of the stairs, black textural box forms appear, providing a contrasting composition as you circulate the home.

    Taylor Pressly Architects acknowledged that people have stuff, and stuff needs to go somewhere. Providing streamlined and simple storage cabinets for this family of six solved the issue of storage. Storage solutions are revealed throughout, including in the children’s study desk that’s pocketed in the sliding doors next to the dining table and in the cabinet to conceal the television.

    What better way to enjoy this new spacious, sculptured family home than with friends. Taylor Pressly made sure this kind of entertaining was no trouble in the front kitchen, with its hidden appliances and sleek oak cabinetry. Designating messy food preparation to the rear kitchen and pantry keeps things simple. In both kitchen spaces, large format porcelain tiles are used on the benchtop, cabinet doors and splashback with extruded box shelves. Ensuring high-quality finishes were a top priority; Taylor Pressly Architects kept to brush brass trims and tapware in the kitchen with black panelled cabinetry featured throughout the home.

    The master bedroom space continues the sculptural language of the staircase through the curved American oak panelled wall. To create a place of retreat, Taylor Pressly Architects softened the concrete floors and ceilings with fabric furnishings, linen curtains and filtered light. In the bathroom, a freestanding bath provides ample opportunity to soak the day away while the fittings, white cabinetry and tiles are marry back to the materials used in the kitchen spaces.

    Where soft curves offset hard corners, Taylor Pressly Architects and CLP Architecture have designed an ode to form without compromising on a family’s need for function, space and flow.

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