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Design Elements | An Art Collector’s Vintage Sanctuary

Drawing inspiration from a soulful apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, we underscore the value of investing in quality, vintage pieces.

Kitchen Closeup | Hall 20 by Smart Design Studio

We spotlight a meticulously crafted kitchen by Smart Design Studio, marked by sophisticated, high-quality design elements.

Breathing Life into the Bathroom with Limewash Paint

We explore why natural limewash paint makes for an environmentally sound choice and a visually flawless finish within the bathroom.

Lo & Co in Collaboration with Creative Claire Delmar

Lo & Co collaborates with Studio CD founder Claire Delmar to craft their latest 'Line Series' collection of hardware.

"I love how design directly impacts the way you feel through colour, materiality and texture."

Decus Principal Interior Designer Alexandra Donohoe-Church

Insider’s Guide to Architectural Track Lighting

Track lighting from Viabizzuno serves as both an ambient and architectural accent lighting option. We explore its versatility.

Design Covet | Outdoor Showers

In this instalment of our Design Covet series, we’re exploring the simple pleasure of an outdoor shower through the lens of seven designers.

Design Covet | Sunken Lounges

We're celebrating the sunken lounge resurgence with six standout designs that marry comfort and conversation.

Design Covet | Timber-lined Interiors

In this Design Covet, we’re showcasing seven homes that make a case for the versatility and enduring appeal of timber.

Design Covet | Exposed Bricks and Blocks

In this Design Covet, we explore seven stand-out examples where exposed bricks impart a unique, honest appeal to the interiors of a home.

Bedroom Covet | Custom Bedheads

Seven designers take a creative approach to the bedhead, revealing inventive ways to customise it through materiality, form and storage.

Design Covet | Integrated At-Home Bars

These six designers make a case for the at-home bar and how it can create an elevated entertaining experience in the kitchen or dining area.

Design Covet | Underground Bars and Cellars

Seven Australian homes go beneath the surface to make a case for the subterranean bar and cellar in this design covet.

Kitchen Covet | Exploring a Designer’s Eye for Details

We reveal a designer’s eye for details in 12 exceptional kitchens, as featured in est magazine issue #48, 'Kitchen Confidential'.

Kitchen Confidential | Inside Four Designers’ Kitchens

Step inside four kitchens and into the minds of architects and designers to see how they create their own functioning spaces.

Design Covet | Bespoke Joinery Spotlight

We explore design dexterity when it comes to bespoke joinery with six architects and designers from around the world. 

Kitchen Covet | Stainless Steel in the Kitchen

We’re showcasing seven kitchens that highlight the versatility and enduring appeal of stainless steel.

Kitchen Covet | Zellige Tiles in the Kitchen

Step inside seven kitchens that feature a material renowned for its unique texture and glossy finish: zellige tiles.

Bathroom Covet | Bespoke Sinks

In this bathroom covet, we explore seven bathrooms and powder rooms that challenge a typical approach to the sink and vanity. 

Design Covet | Statement Fireplaces

We discover how a fireplace can be transformed into a focal interior feature through a unique approach to materiality, form and scale. 

Kitchen Covet | Crafting a Modern Australian Blueprint

We unpack the modern blueprint behind five Australian case-study kitchens and unpack the enduring appeal of Bosch's integrated ovens within each.

Bathroom Covet | Open Showers

Step into nine doorless showers that redefine the ritual of rinsing.


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