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Cassina Kangaroo Armchair

Light permeates the living space through the restored front bay windows, providing views of the leafy street outside. The space features a pair of Pierre Jeanneret chairs, a Beni rug and a hand-crafted burnt steel coffee table by Vogel Studio.

London-based architecture and interior design studio HUTCH infuse a 120-year-old red-brick home in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with an enduring sense of tranquillity.

Dating back to the Victorian era, the house sits on an elevated plot surrounded by tall, mature trees and hedgerows that envelope the home. Drawing on both the established garden and the existing period architectural features, HUTCH have transformed the interiors into a peaceful haven for a family of five.

Bauwerk Colour Bone
Carl Hansen & Son CH24 Wishbone
Vitra Wiggle Side Chair

HUTCH created a calming neutral foundation for the interiors of Bauwerk natural limewash paint, alongside natural light oak flooring. The dining space features the Carl Hansen & Son Wishbone chair and Vitra Wiggle chair.

Balancing Old and New

The objective for the project was twofold, as HUTCH founder Craig Hutchinson explains, “We aimed to restore the building to its original purpose as a family residence, preserving and reviving the few remaining Victorian elements. Simultaneously, we sought to modernise it for contemporary family life, addressing the needs of a young family and overcoming challenges posed by cramped, dim spaces.” This involved a complete overhaul of the layout, marrying flexible, open living spaces with sufficient amenities for a growing family, with more secluded, quiet spaces for relaxation.

Creating a Connection to Nature

The home’s double-height living space, comprising the kitchen, dining and living areas on an open plan, serves as the centre for family life. HUTCH’s incorporation of large, custom-made sliding timber doors at the rear seamlessly connects the space to the lush courtyard garden, harmonising with the original red-brick facade. Additionally, the restoration of the original bay windows at the front allows light to permeate the space from both directions, enhancing the connection to nature.

GUBI 9602 Floor Lamp

Custom marble features, such as marble fireplaces, add a bold touch to the neutral spaces. Pictured in this space is the Gubi 9602 floor lamp and Béton Brut Paper Chair.

GUBI Pacha Lounge Chair

The space also features the Steltman chair by Gerrit Rietveld and Gubi Pacha lounge chair.

A Calming Palette

The clients’ desire for a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout the home informed HUTCH’s material selection. “Our focus was on selecting materials that are not only durable enough for family life but also exude lasting quality and comfort,” Craig says. Taking a consistent approach to all spaces, HUTCH established a calming backdrop of natural limewash paint and oak flooring. This allowed for the integration of bolder, more textural elements such as custom marble vanities and fireplaces.

Careful Curation

HUTCH meticulously sourced and curated the furnishings, art and sculptures for the home. “We selected from local and international artisans, blending iconic pieces from the past with contemporary designs,” he explains while highlighting some of his favourites: the Pierre Jeanneret chairs paired with a Beni rug in the living area, Willy Guhl’s 1950s Loop chair in the garden, and the handmade plant fibre pendants by London-based lighting brand Pinch featured throughout.

Representing a holistic approach to architecture, interiors and landscape, No.8 by HUTCH is a timeless transformation that will underpin family life for years to come.

"Our focus was on selecting materials that are not only durable enough for family life but also exude lasting quality and comfort."

- HUTCH founder Craig Hutchinson

Curves are a recurring feature throughout the home, contributing to its sense of tranquillity. 

On the upper floors, HUTCH have restored the original Victorian floorboards and treated them with an off-white natural oil, enhancing their character while also retaining their rawness.

HUTCH custom-designed the vanity in the primary ensuite from Rosa Antica marble.

The home office features the Fred Rigbey Studio Kidney desk and Gubi 5321 table lamp.

Handmade plant fibre pendants by Pinch feature throughout the home.

Swisspearl Willy Guhl Loop Chair

Large, custom-made sliding timber doors seamlessly connect the living spaces to the lush rear courtyard garden, harmonising with the original red-brick facade. Pictured is the Swisspearl Willy Guhl Loop chair.

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