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  • In this Nine to Know, we explore how wallpaper reflects unique visual expression.

    Often designers use small spaces in a home to create maximum impact. Case in point: the bathroom, where wallpaper becomes an accomplice in accentuating colour, pattern or texture. In this feature we explore nine different wallcoverings assured to add depth and dimension to a space.

    This feature originally appeared in The Detail pages of est Magazine Issue 46: Design Renaissance (pp. 254-267).

    Maison C Natura Morta

    Artist Costanza Theodoli-Braschi and interior designer Chiara de Rege created Maison C’s Natura Morta as a dream-like wall covering made from clay-coated paper. The wallpaper features hand-painted drawings of flowers, snakes and intricate renaissance sculptures that are both striking and playful.

    Kelly Wearstler Graffito Wallpaper

    The Graffito by Kelly Wearstler features the designer’s trademark hand-painted pattern – a fluid collection of lines that intersect fine art and street art.

    Liberty Interiors Botanical Stripe Wallpaper

    Botanical Stripe Wallpaper celebrates the historic tradition of botanical illustration in Britain. Liberty Interiors used a fine mesh gravure technique to accentuate soft painted motifs, where rich green and pink hues are set against a dark backdrop.

    Moooi Menagerie of Extinct Animals Wallcovering

    The Menagerie of Extinct Animals wallcovering by Moooi aims to stretch the imagination by featuring ten extinct fauna ‘mysteriously hidden’ amongst lush greenery.

    House of Hackey Herbarium Wallpaper

    Art imitates nature in the intricate Herbarium Wallpaper. A reimagining of artist Mary Delany’s floral mosaics, the House of Hackey partnered with the British Museum to create a ‘paper garden’ of flowers, plants and insects.

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