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    In their varying shapes, sizes and finishes, decorative vessels introduce an organic, hand-crafted element to the kitchen. In this Nine to Know, we’re spotlighting ceramists and sculptors from different parts of the world that cultivate this artisanal feel through their pieces.

    This instalment of our ‘Nine to Know’ series was first featured inside est magazine issue 48: ‘Kitchen Confidential’.

    05. Collection Particulière x Christophe Delcourt

    The Collection Particulière BOS vase, available in three different sizes, was designed by renowned Parisian designer Christophe Delcourt and crafted from fine-quality travertine with bronze markings.

    06. Susan Chen

    Australian sculptor Susan Chen draws inspiration from organic matter found in nature, with her ‘Sinuosa’ collection being informed by the shells, coral and organisms found in the ocean. Each ceramic vessel is 3D printed with hand-made embellishments to represent the tension between the digital and the natural.

    07. BD Barcelona

    Furniture and objects studio BD Barcelona distance themselves from mass production, valuing thoughtfully-made, slow pieces. This vase, ‘Gardenias Vase No.4′, was designed by Spanish artist Jaime Hayon and is made of terracotta to reference the brand’s Spanish roots.

    08. Rometti

    Italian ceramics studio Rometti are driven by the philosophy that art is necessary and beauty is a privilege that requires daily nourishment. Bringing this vision to life, the studio engages talented Italian artists and craftspeople to realise a collection of beautiful, hand-made objects, like the ‘Situla’ vase designed by Ugo La Pietra.

    09. LRNCE

    Marrakech-based studio LRNCE aim to honour ancient Moroccan craftsmanship in their designs to empower the local community. They are best known for their hand-made and hand-painted ceramic vessels, which inject colour into the spaces they inhabit.


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