Nine to Know | Timber Barstools


    This instalment of our Nine to Know series, which originally appeared in est magazine ‘Kitchen Confidential’, focuses on the timber barstool and how it’s cemented itself as an enduring, everyday kitchen design element. Though distinct in concept and material application, each timber barstool is designed to introduce an inherent sense of craftsmanship to the kitchen.

    05. Nikari Seminar KVBJ1 Barstool

    Specialising in the design and manufacture of high-quality timber furniture, Finland-based brand Nikari have designed a barstool that, due to its simple form and “silent” design, can fit a variety of kitchen styles.

    06. Daniel Boddam Coast Hinterland Stool

    Sydney-based architecture and furniture design studio Daniel Boddam have designed a sculptural and supportive timber stool favoured by Sydney design studio Alexander &CO. (see Pacific House) and Decus (see Ultramarine).

    07. Billiani Puccio 712 Stool

    Specialising in handcrafted chairs, Italian furniture brand Billiani have designed a classic, four-legged timber barstool suited to both hospitality and residential design.

    08. Muuto Nerd Barstool

    This barstool is a modern Nordic take on classic timber barstools that reflects the Scandinavian heritage of its designer and maker, Danish furniture brand Muuto.

    09. Resident Pier Barstool

    New Zealand-based furniture company Resident were inspired by the cylindrical pillars of pier structures while designing this solid-oak barstool, casting an elegant silhouette to complement a range of kitchen counters.


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