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  • We’re shining a light on nine types of outdoor lighting, exploring how each engages thoughtfully with the surrounding architecture and landscape. 

    While we associate natural light with the outdoors, outdoor lighting creates the opportunity to experience spaces such as a courtyard or alfresco area when the sun does down. Also providing safe access to our homes, outdoor lighting’s functional purpose, durability, and aesthetic deserve equal consideration.

    Australian architectural and technical lighting frontrunners Euroluce set the standard for what can be achieved when illuminating our outdoor areas. Flos is a renowned outdoor lighting brand retailed at Euroluce, which seek to reflect the same calibre and quality as what you’ll find indoors. For their outdoor range, Flos has collaborated with some of the world’s most acclaimed architects and designers such as Pierro Lissoni, Michael Anastassiades and Vincent Van Duysen.

    Fundamentally, Flos follow a philosophy of ‘human-centred’ lighting design, which sees them challenge the status quo on technology and question how lighting can enhance physical and emotional wellbeing. Equally, sustainability goes hand-in-hand with their approach, selecting materials and following processes that minimise environmental impact.

    In this feature we’re focusing on standout examples from nine different categories of outdoor lighting available at Euroluce, primarily by Flos; inground, floor, table, wall-recessed, wall surface, bollards, ceiling, projectors and pole tops.

    Produced in partnership with Euroluce

    The Tala Muse is a modern take on the classic portable lamp, a recent collaboration between Tala and paint company Farrow & Ball. The wireless lamp is designed for indoor and outdoor use, with an IP44 rating that ensures it can be exposed to outdoor environments. Composed of borosilicate glass, aluminium shell and solid brass hardware, materials have been selected to be long-lasting, just as Farrow & Ball’s eco-friendly paint.

    “Every light is a light, but sometimes (the light) chooses its own path,” Pierro Lissoni said when designing the wall-recessed light Flos My Way. Flos My Way features an aluminium die-cast body and high-resistance coating. The launch of the outdoor lighting range for Flos was marked by a black-and-white series shot by architectural photographer Tommaso Sartori at exceptional architectural locations such as Ricardo Bofill’s studio.

    Flos Camouflage, a wall surface light by Piero Lissoni was designed to do what its name suggests. “Switch off the light and, as if by magic, the lamp disappears. Switch it on and, again as if by magic, all you see is the light itself. Is it a lamp or a chameleon?” the architect attests. The wall light can camouflage on an exterior surface through different stone and painted finishes, creating an ethereal halo of light reminiscent of the moon. “The refinement of the stone finishes allows the perfect integration with the architecture,” Pierro adds. 

    Flos Landlord is an outdoor spotlight designed by Piero Lissoni to project light. The multifunctional spotlight can be used on a wall, ceiling, the ground – and even in a tree with a specially-designed strap that attaches itself to a branch. Pierro reflects on his conceptual approach to designing the spotlight; “Landlord is the lord of the earth and the lord of light, and if you are a flower or a tree or a simple two or four-legged animal, you have to ask Landlord for permission if you want to pass unharmed through the night.”

    The Flos Bellhop was first designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby as a table lamp for the London Design Museum restaurant and since has been reconceived for outdoor use, making way for the Flos Bellhop Poletops. “Bellhop casts an atmospheric pool of light, and the portable version is like a modern-day candle,” Edward Barber says. The outdoor Bellhop pole tops diffuse a soft light designed to “enrich landscapes and architecture”, with an aluminium head mounted on a three-metre or four-metre pole.

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