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  • Earthen textures manifest in handmade tiles.

    Handmade tiles call on our appreciation for the centuries-old techniques of artisans. No two tiles are ever the same as they are made by hand, each with its own unique story expressed through tone and texture. Tapping into Wabi-sabi philosophy, where beauty is found in imperfection and time-worn processes, we’ve brought together nine notable examples of handmade tiles for the home.

    Earp Bros’ Manual Miel matt terracotta tile is hand-pressed by Spanish artisans. The light colour and grainy feel, which vary in tone due to the kiln-firing method, invoke a sense of calm.

    The Earp Bros Manual Bases handmade terracotta tile offers a modern take on traditional terracotta through a range of light glazes, while maintaining the same earthen qualities.

    The Eco Outdoor Zellige Non-Glazed Cotto in Sand storm features an unglazed sandy hue with hints of blush pink and terracotta.

    The Clé Belgian Reproduction tile in Flemish Black is defined by variation in tone and surface imperfections – a result of hand mixing and traditional firing methods. These Belgian tiles are made from blackened terracotta reminiscent of those seen in grand courtyards in Northern Europe.

    Tuscan Graphite, a dark French Terracotta tile with a matt finish, is included in Surface Gallery’s Tuscan collection. The tile features deep grey tones accentuated by its rustic character.

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