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  • Form follows function in architectural lighting, speaking volumes within its simplicity.

    When est spoke with Viabizzuno founder and creative director Mario Nanni, he said light is a fundamental part of architecture, so it’s essential to design the right light. “My lighting solutions are not the result of market research nor a fleeting trend; my ambition is to resolve specific design situations and meet each necessity.” In this Nine to Know, we explore architectural lighting’s role in the bathroom through nine examples that follow Mario Nanni’s philosophy.

    To ensure compliance with Australian standards and adherence to IP ratings and zoning requirements in the bathroom, est recommends consulting a design professional and an authorised electrician.

    This feature originally appeared in est magazine issue #42

    In 2014, Mario Nanni designed the Viabizzuno n55 Soffitto, a classic light fitting with an intriguing shape. The ceiling light is made from hand-blown glass with an oxidised extruded aluminium base.

    Designed by Gabriel Hendifar, the Apparatus Studio Cylinder downlight is part of a collection that seeks to elevate the experience of functional lighting. It features a weighty brass exterior and adjustable pivoting head that casts light downward.

    Johanna Grawunder designed the WAN C/W light for FLOS in 2005. The shiny black or white light fitting has an intriguing curved form made from aluminium.

    The functional RBW Crisp Flush Mount is a simple, contemporary design suitable for wet environments. It adds textural subtlety with its rippled glass surface.

    Arkoslight’s Puck downlight is designed to mimic the performance of a recessed downlight. Composed of aluminium, it can be used in places where it’s impossible to recess appliances into the ceiling.

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