Next Generation: A Family Kitchen

  • We explore a state-of-the-art kitchen perfectly engineered to suit a modern family in Melbourne’s Hawthorn postcode.

    Working closely alongside celebrated local architect Nicholas Murray, the family that lives at this Hawthorn address have crafted an innovative and highly personalised Valcucine kitchen that responds to their active lifestyle and growing tribe. An ingenious and highly technical design creates the perfect synthesis of functionality and ergonomics – without compromising on the family’s individual style. Oriented to maximise the home’s outlook and connection to the surrounding landscape, the inclusion of resilient glass, stone and specialised metal surfaces, combined with playful expressions of modern art, ensure this considered kitchen perfectly fits the family’s brief.

    Produced in partnership with Rogerseller.

    Initially tasked with delivering a ‘black kitchen’, Nicholas Murray of Nicholas Murray Architects describes how researching and sourcing for appropriate materials led him to Rogerseller’s Valcucine kitchen as being an obvious choice. He says, “Valcucine has some really great black finish options, we couldn’t find anything else that matched it.”

    Murray also speaks to the process of being able to immerse the client in a showroom, to be able to engage with materiality and to grasp a sense of space as being crucial. He says, “We show clients drawings and finishes, but it’s hard for them to visualise the end result (in the same way that the architect does), so having the chance to go to the showroom, to experience the finishes and the end result, is so much easier.”

    The resulting kitchen space is a combination of Valcucine and custom joinery, where the supporting elements, including the butler’s pantry, were designed and fitted locally. The end cantilevered granite bench-top is also finished, as Murray says, with “a steel frame that was made locally.” He adds, “The finish, the exfoliated granite surface and the technology behind the Valcucine kitchen– were the main reasons for using the system.” The kitchen space utilises the Forma Mentis elements and integrates a series of Miele appliances throughout.

    Genius Loci drawers

    Overall, the approach to materiality is deliberately textural, from the grooved ceramic tiles vertically set along the back wall, to the wide oak timber flooring from Mafi, each layer further connects the home to the kitchen hub. Murray adds, “the overall concept for the home was to use natural materials; our approach was modern, referencing copper cladding with a strong emphasis on natural materials for the whole project.” and Valcucine was a natural extension of this concept.

    Together with stylist Behr + Co, the contemporary build brings together highly-specialised European technology, engineered finishes and locally made custom joinery elements and craftsmanship deliver a contemporary and high performing home for the busy Hawthorn family that use it each and every day.

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