New York Brownstone by Elizabeth Roberts Architects

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    We came across this Elizabeth Roberts Architects designed New York Brownstone while slavishly trawling through the NYC Real Estate sites looking for something that was not only for sale, but also beautifully designed. And we have to say…it was tough! For the most part, apartments and condo’s for sale in the city are bland at best and garish at worst when it comes to inspecting for Open House.

    One of the best things about design and architecture in New York City is the constant flow of culture and influence, and the combination of styles and custom architectural detailing found inside this Italianate brownstone reflects this ever-present vibrancy and rhythm. The home is situated on quaint Bergen Street in Park Slope and was recently gutted for a full renovation led by the design team at Elizabeth Roberts Architects. The structure that now boasts four bedrooms is perfect for a growing family (including a rental apartment on the garden level), and its interior is decorated with a combination of cool muted tones and dark bold accents.

    All walls, including structural ones, were removed from the parlor level to create a completely open plan for the kitchen, dining and living rooms. The hardwood chairs that surround the dining room table and the mid-century-modern light fixture above provide a nice contrast to traditional elements like the marble fireplace.

    Upstairs the bedrooms have been given a visual punch of colour with dado lines painted halfway up the wall in cyan blue and magenta pink – but it’s the bathroom covered in a Shantell Martin inspired black and white wallpaper that really won us over.











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  1. The designer really pushed the concept of contrast to the outer limit (perhaps too much so). Notice the black flooring and what walls contrasting. Yes, this pops a great deal visually speaking but it’s a home we are talking about. A home should be a relaxed environment with muted colors like taupe. Although it’s beautiful in it’s own way, it feels like the designer would be best suited for designing hip corporate office spaces instead of homes.

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