East Street Apartment by Kanstantsin Remez

  • East Street Apartment by Kanstantsin Remez

    A minimalist one-bedroom apartment stands as a place to slow down in a city that’s always on the move.

    Belarusian architect and interior designer Kanstantsin Remez fell in love with East Street the second he laid eyes on it. The understated 62-square-metre apartment is situated in a historical Brutalist-style building in the eye of Manhattan, New York City. Kanstantsin calls it a “silent retreat”; “a shield from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.”

    East Street Apartment by Kanstantsin Remez

    The living space includes a great range of shapes and textures, including the Cassina LC14 stool, Serge Mouille Applique 2 Bras Droit Pivotant wall light, Daphine Terra Led floor lamp, Christophe Delcourt Dot stoolPierre Chapo S34 Solid Elm chair and a number of pieces by the eminent French designer Jean Royère, including the Flaque Table, Grand Oeuf lounge chair and Polar Bear armchair.

    East Street Apartment by Kanstantsin Remez

    Artwork by Otis Jones.

    “I see architecture as a language, paying attention to every detail, expressing myself through the means of shape, proportions and textures, and building relations between them,” Kanstantsin says. When designing East Street, the shapes needed to fit within the existing volumes of the building, the proportions needed to be adjusted accordingly, and the textures needed to evoke a “silent retreat”. Harsh textures like concrete, stone and brick, which were needed to lay the foundations, are offset by soft, reposeful textures like velvet, fur and timber.

    Different sounds of beige play throughout the interiors, imparting a collection of minimalist, restorative spaces which don’t overwhelm the senses. While being dressed in beige, the interiors were also undressed of anything excessive or unnecessary, helping to carve out this minimalist aesthetic. “By peeling away anything that felt out of place, I was able to bring balance into the abundance of forms and volumes,” Kanstantsin says.

    Layout-wise, the living and dining areas remain open to maximise the little space that was available, while the kitchen nook creates a small pocket of privacy when cooking. Marble storage cabinets line the entrance hall instead of an idle walk-in closet, leading to the bedroom and bathroom –  tucked away to elude any “hustle and bustle”.

    East Street Apartment by Kanstantsin Remez affirms that even amid all the chaos, rare moments of stillness and repose can be found. 

    East Street Apartment by Kanstantsin Remez

    The Cassina 524 Tabouret Berger stool pictured in the bathroom, along with the Vola 2471S-061 shower mixer and trizo21 Audy-In ceiling light.

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