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  • If you share our love of an organic, natural and textural aesthetic then you will probably be familiar with the work of Sydney’s doyenne of interior chic, Pamela Makin. Her stunning ocean view home in Newport on Sydney’s northern beaches has featured in countless magazines around the world. Today we give you a sneak peak into the new installation at Les Interieurs, Pamela’s design studio and concept store.

    The store is covered head to toe in lashings of pristine white to create a fresh light filled space. The pallette is anchored with a strong use of dramatic black accents, timber furniture and metal framed over sized mirrors to exude drama, sophistication and intrigue.

    We spoke to Pamela to get a little insight into what infleunces her style and where she seeks her inspiration.

    You started your career in fashion – when did you make the jump to interiors? It was when I returned to live in Australia after living in Southern California working as a trend forecaster that I decided to make the switch to interiors. As much as I live and breathe fashion – interiors have always been my passion.

    How did your background in fashion shape your design style? I believe traveling the globe as an international fashion buyer and trend forecaster gave me exposure to different cultures. I am always searching for “unusual one of a kind objects” as I love placing interesting old objects into contemporary interiors.

    Where do you go to for inspiration boost? I am totally fascinated and inspired reading about other countries and cultures – Ethiopia, Borneo, Madagascar, Tibet, China.

    Are you collaborative in your designs – or do your clients come to you looking for you to inject your style completely into their home? Most of our clients love the studio and request us to inject the Les Interieurs style into their home.

    What trends from the past do you hope never to see again? I am not a great fan of the 50’s, 60′, 70’s. I actually prefer timeless design.

    Your palette has a strong use of black and white…how to you tackle clients with a love of colour? Most of our interiors are white, neutral or black with one spark of color – such as a chartreuse cushion or a bunch of Spring blossoms. If a client requests a colorful interior then I believe I am not the right designer for the project.

    Do you find that people mostly dress in the same way as they furnish their homes. Are you ever surprised to walk into homes and find they are completely different to what you had imagined base don the owners dress style? Most clients dress in a similar style to their interiors.

     PHOTOGRAPHS Chris Warnes Pamela’s infamous Pacific Ocean view home


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