Nat’s House by Studio Prineas

  • We explore another playful yet practical addition and renovation by Studio Prineas, of a family home in Cammeray, Sydney.

    We look to Sydney design practice Studio Prineas for an alteration and addition success story. Following the success of Allen Key House, Breeze Block House and House Elysium is Nat’s House; a three-bedroom Federation cottage extension and renovation in Cammeray, Sydney.

    Just as in the projects that came before, the studio’s mission was to create a seamless living space, provide a fluid connection with the outdoors and capture natural light. Removing an old, poorly-hewn predecessor from the original home and introducing a reclaimed brick addition, the result is as simple as the Studio Prineas team puts it: ‘pure family joy’. 

    The kitchen features Smeg appliances, a Fantini Cafe Kitchen Mixer from Rogerseller and a Miele integrated fridge.

    When the Studio Prineas team were first introduced to the former house, it was characterised by poorly-lit interiors and living spaces separated from the garden. Studio Prineas distilled the project down to twin challenges: creating a connection with the garden and introducing natural light. Their response was to maintain and renovate the original cottage but demolish the addition attached some years later and replace it with a superior north-facing brick extension.

    Studio Prineas changed the level between the original and the new structure in order to create a level connection with the garden. By maintaining the home’s existing roof line for the extension, Studio Prineas have allowed for a grand ceiling height within, emphasised by the north-facing skylight that runs along the full width of the addition. The layout is not a typical open-plan configuration, instead the living, dining and kitchen areas are defined but connected to meet the functional needs of the family.

    The dining space features the No.811 Hoffman dining chair by Thonet. 

    Inside, light has become one of the decorative features of this new space, highlighting the spatially-rich interior and its varying textures. White painted recycled brick, polished concrete, stone, grooved joinery and brass details offer a tactility, offsetting the light and airy atmosphere with the warmth of natural materials. The daylight works in tandem with the artificial lighting scheme that’s concealed in the joinery and ceiling. Statement lighting includes the Y Chandelier 03 by Douglas and Bec and the IC Light S Pendant by Michael Anastassiades. Other interior highlights include the Wilfred Armchair by Jardan, Bell Coffee Table by Sebastian Herkner, Armadillo rug and Rogerseller fixtures.

    An increase of just nine square metres onto the footprint of the original house has transformed the home’s functionality, atmosphere and aesthetic. In doing so, Studio Prineas have created an ideal home to grow up in.

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