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  • Thomas Ostyn, third-generation owner of kitchen and interior design studio Obumex, takes us inside his light-filled, multi-functional Belgian sanctuary designed by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects.

    On the outskirts of Brussels, a patch of land surrounded by dense woodlands presented a new opportunity for Thomas, his wife Julie and their three children. He appointed Belgian architect Nicolas Schuybroek, who debuted his first kitchen interpretation for Obumex at Milan Design Week this year, to design his first family home.

    “Floor-to-ceiling windows invite nature and light inside, while our spacious internal areas allow us to roam about as if we were immersed in the landscape itself,” Thomas says. Of working alongside Nicolas, he says, “our partnership was incredibly positive. Nicolas’ vision was aligned with my Obumex way of thinking from decisions regarding space and light, right through to material choices.”

    Aesthetics and practicality work in tandem inside the home. “Our large entrance doors on all sides of the home ensure the children can enter and exit the garden from several vantage points,” he says. “There are almost no internal doors – all rooms are connected.”

    Essentially, one can view family activity in the living zone, the terrace, or even in the office – all while standing in the kitchen.” True to the Obumex ideology of ‘sustainable happiness beginning at home’, Thomas’ home features raw and natural materials such as limestone, aged oak timber and metal. “Even though substitute artificial alternatives are plentiful nowadays, no compromise was ever considered,” he says.

    In the bedroom, a minimalist-inspired artwork by Jessica Sanders is featured above a suede headboard. Vintage Bidone wall lamps by Luigi Caccia Dominioni dress the custom-designed bedside table alongside a clear water jug and glass set from When Objects Work.

    Light pierces through the indoor pool area, accentuated by the wall and floor stone tiling.

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