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  • We explore the leafy North London townhouse that creative stylist Louisa Grey, of House of Grey fame, calls home. Louisa walks us through her personal aesthetic and chats to est about the philosophies behind crafting her trademark serene, curated and considered environments and how these have extended to her own family home.

    As part of our est My Space series, we step inside Louisa Grey’s Finsbury Park townhouse. Purchased with her partner over five years ago when she was first expecting her son Huxley, Louisa and her photographer husband were initially drawn to the endless possibilities of spatial configurations within the home.

    After stripping the townhouse back to its bare bones, Louisa and her team behind House of Grey went about mindfully crafting a home that reconnected back to the building’s original details, all the while ensuring a more open flow with carefully curated furniture pieces and hand-selected artwork throughout. An important element to Louisa was that she designed her home with longevity in mind and the expectation that their son would grow up there. True to House of Grey’s ethos; Louisa’s own home exudes a certain functionality, consideration and a calming presence.


    A portrait of Louisa Grey, shown in her London showroom/studio space.

    Where is your space located and what do you love most about this neighbourhood/area?

    Louisa Grey: Our home is in Finsbury Park, North London. The multicultural community and artistic scene that runs through this area is invigorating for me and the energy that this brings to the neighbourhood. Pottery is a huge influence in my work and my studio is incredibly close to our home and this brings a sense of belonging.

    My ceramic work is a private space for me to be free and clear my head and not think about the commercial aspect. There are lots of positive changes developing locally, so it feels like a strong community to be part of.

    How is your home a reflection of you and your family?

    Louisa Grey: My home embodies an integral feeling of comfort that is meaningful, and has become a platform to create memories of value. The design is understated but provides my family and I with a retreat space that brings pleasure into the every day.

    Combining natural elements and large open-plan rooms reflects our need for a connection to nature and creates a sense of space in a busy city. We are lucky enough to have a large garden, which has a selection of evergreen and established trees.

    Describe your personal interior style

    Louisa Grey: My style derives from a personal desire to create calm, quiet understated luxury interiors. Our concept is rooted in simplicity.  We adorn in order to nurture the vital and restorative aspect within spaces and design deliberately for the wellness of our lives. We create spaces that function as a living respite, and return us to a sense of balance.  Which in turn gives us more energy, and more time. A deeper profound experience of the present moment.

    A black stained timber table made by Louisa’s father is a special peice in her living room.

    Which room/area do you gravitate the most to and why?

    Louisa Grey: The bathroom is my environment and retreat, I find space to breathe and set my intentions for the day with my morning bath. We designed it in house to allow you to move easily from sleep to the bath and to the dressing room which is adjacent. The combination of the above and the fact It over looks the garden which is extremely green and does not feel like you are in a busy city has enabled me to gravitate towards this room. The view of the church steeple from the bath peeking through the lime trees and the sound of the church bells on a Sunday morning take you to a different place.

    What are your favourite personal possessions?

    At the moment I am enjoying Tycjan Knut’s paintings as they evoke a stillness to the walls they adorn. He paints in collections and therefore this means he does not repeat in design or format with his art work. His life changes are reflected beautifully in his variety of work as he moves through different phases and journeys.

    My personal philosophy is that there are many physical possessions that are stimulating for me however I choose to practice non attachment to ‘things’ and focus on the importance of virtues and principles that inform and elevate us. A sense of thinking outside the box is something that has intrinsic meaning and value to me and allows me to keep a positive perspective on what we can achieve in life.

    Lastly, How does your home inspire you and the work you do?

    Louisa Grey: My home allows me to spend time on myself. By the way we designed it. Even if it is just 15 minutes a day, taking time to focus solely on yourself and clear your mind is the most beneficial thing someone can do for themselves. This can come in many forms from taking a bath to meditation, but the desired end result is balance. Balance around us, inspires balance within us.

    My home is place where I can switch off, regenerate and spend time with my family. Seeing how the design of my home has created a harmony between work and rest, inspires me to bring this to others and encourage this balance through design.

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  1. OMG! I found your page via CocoCozy. I can’t even work for looking at the beautiful interiors. I love it!!!!

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