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  • We explore the remote Ibiza sanctuary that interior architect Jurjen van Hulzen calls his second home. Jurjen walks us through his personal style, the ethos behind the once-abandoned warehouse and the transformative project that he undertook to shape it into his very own idyllic family retreat.

    As part of our est My Space series, we step inside Dutch born Jurjen van Hulzen’s relaxed Ibizian holiday home; Campo Loft. We look behind his globally-recognised designs to how he has crafted his own island escape after making the move from Amsterdam to Ibiza with his wife Selina and their three children four years ago.

    Since building two successful design companies in Amsterdam, an architectural practice and a furniture store, Jurjen started Ibiza Interiors as an umbrella project for his existing global design ventures. Having worked on everything from private homes to hotels, Jurjen’s diverse portofilo now includes his very own holiday retreat. Campo Loft is a 100-year-old warehouse, located on a rugged and remote mountain field which Jurjen has successfully converted into a holiday home and space to showcase his designs.  



    The name Campo Loft directly translates to mean an ‘industrial open living space on the field’. Aptly so, when Jurjen first saw the unkempt building and isolated location of the original warehouse, it was love at first sight and the concept for Campo Loft was born. In keeping with Jurjen’s personal style, Campo Loft highlights a playful combination of local craftsmanship with nods to the building’s industrial past.

    The beautiful traditional building has been preserved to maintain the character of the typical Ibizan architecture. Locally-sourced materials have been used, including a concrete floor, chalk and mud-plastered stone walls and ‘Sabina beams’ made from trees that only grow on the island. Powder-coated steel has been introduced to the home to frame the windows, doors and kitchen which adds a contemporary touch.

    How would you describe your interior style?

    Jurjen Van Hulzen: I like things in their essence. Raw and natural materials, steel brushed woods, concrete, steel, linen etc. Original design furniture (sometimes vintage) and contemporary art. People recognise my work through the above, but in general I work from a concept. And the concept could also be something completely different.

    But I guess the Campo Loft is really a signature project, the concept was to mix rustic and industrial (because the building was), and I guess these are also my personal preferences in design and architecture.

    How does Campo Loft inspire you and what are your favourite elements within this space?

    Jurjen Van Hulzen: The biggest part of the Campo Loft that appeals to me is the open ‘loft-like’ space. This is the space where you come in, have a 180-degree view across the valley and where we really ‘live’.

    I absolutely love the steel kitchen, cooking in there with all the doors open, surrounded by green and looking out onto the valley is really amazing. You feel really grounded.

    Where do you wind down?

    Jurjen Van Hulzen: In the bathroom space. There is a window that you can open, which becomes part of the loft’s open space, so you can be bathing in the free-standing bath and at the same time look outside to the fireplace. I love being able to use each space of Campo Loft in different ways.

    What makes your home a home?

    Jurjen Van Hulzen: I think this is really personal and so different for everyone. For me, Campo Loft is also a guesthouse when we are not using it, so it’s important that everybody that stays here can feel at home and at ease.

    We have weaved in some decorative elements but otherwise we’ve puposefully kept it quite minimal, so there’s space for people to bring their own stuff. In general, I think it’s important to have a nice balance between old and new, dark and light, hard and soft so the design is in contrast but in harmony all at the same time.

    Lastly, how is Campo Loft a reflection of you?

    Jurjen Van Hulzen: I like the basics. Basic clothing, basic cars and basic architecture. My guitar has no decoration, it’s the essence of the guitar so it doesn’t need anything more than the right shape to make the perfect sound. Things at their very essence are what I am drawn too as well as  clean details and I think you can see both of these elements within the design of Campo Loft.

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