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Australian interior designer Timothy Godbold invites us inside his modernist Hamptons hideout, embodying a mix of his childhood home and something straight out of a James Bond film.

The living room features a custom pyramid-shaped fireplace and a slanted wall inspired by the Bond film Moonraker. Sculptural pieces, including part of a vintage sectional sofa by Roberto Pamio, Noti Massari, and Renato Toso, convey Timothy’s interest in interesting geometric shapes.

The building’s slanted roof creates drama inside through shadow and enhances the notion of a “lair”. Meanwhile, ample greenery and natural light breathe life into the space.

What do you love most about where you live?

Timothy Godbold: The fact that I have made this home completely my own. The renovation was partially inspired by my childhood home growing up in Australia – a beautiful modernist home designed by a Swedish architect. In this way, I am reminded of where I come from, how this influenced my design sensibilities, and where I am now.

How is your home a reflection of you?

Timothy Godbold: I believe in the diversity of architecture as an ethical value. Especially in the Hamptons, where many modernist homes are being torn down or remodelled beyond recognition to accommodate new, often convergent styles of architecture. I believe it is important to conserve modernist homes as part of our collective memory and interest in a diverse landscape. This is why I work so dedicatedly with my non-profit organisation Hamptons 20th Century Modern, which seeks to salvage modernist homes in the Hamptons.

Views of the surrounding trees anchor the home to nature, emphasising a sense of tranquillity.

What was the inspiration behind the home’s material palette? What feelings were you trying to elicit?

Timothy Godbold: With the black-painted wood exterior, I wished to preserve the unique wooden slats’ original character. However, I wanted to update it to something contemporary and sleek. The design impetus of my home references Bond villains and the notion of a “lair”. Within the home, I stuck to grey and muted beige tones to maintain a sense of sophistication and elegance.

Talk us through the furniture selection; what made you choose the pieces? 

Timothy Godbold: I wanted the interiors to create interesting geometric shapes, which is a defining characteristic of my designs. The vintage Metafora coffee table by Lella and Massimo Vignelli is one of my favourite pieces. With the custom fireplace, I designed a ladder shape to frame it, referencing Mesopotamian architecture and the tower of Babel—another cornerstone in my inspirations.

Artemide Shogun Table Lamp

Featured in this space: an Artemide Shogun table lamp and vintage Alias Seconda chairs.

What features or details tell the story of your home best?

Timothy Godbold: The home is created with the intention of letting light in. In my bathroom, light comes through wooden slats on the slanted skylight, creating beautiful patterned cast shadows. In the living room, two windows looking out onto the trees and a beautiful skylight let light pour in. I wanted the space to breathe yet still conjure the notion of a hideout – redefining the idea of a “lair”.

The primary bedroom opens to a bathroom, where light enters through wooden slats and creates beautiful patterned cast shadows.

"I believe it is important to conserve modernist homes as part of our collective memory and interest in a diverse landscape."

- Interior Designer Timothy Godbold

Timothy aimed to maintain the unique original character of the home with its black-painted wood exterior while modernising it for a more sleek look.

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