A Modern Malibu Abode

  • If this house looks strikingly familiar, it has good reason to be. The cinephiles among us  will recognise it from Tom Ford’s superb 2016 film ‘Nocturnal Animals’, where it made an impact as the stylish home of Amy Adam’s curator and gallerist.

    While it served as a Beverley Hills backdrop in the film, the home is actually located in Malibu, and its coastal environment is pivotal to the success of the design. With a refined palette and laser-sharp attention to detail, Scott Mitchell Studio architects and Denise Kuriger Design have beautifully integrated the home with its surrounding landscape while bringing a contemporary mood throughout the spaces.

    ARCHITECTURE Scott Mitchell Studio | DESIGN Denise Kuriger Design | PHOTOGRAPHY Steve Shaw

    Elegant angles emerging from the estate’s central point bring about a beautiful definition of spaces, while sturdy concrete columns provide a simple contrast to the building’s slimline surfaces. The home reaches horizontally across the estate, intersected by tall columns of concrete providing a sense of movement.

    The building overlooks the nearby Pacific Ocean, and succeeds in achieving a sense of belonging to the rocky beachside cliffs. Its board form finished concrete and distressed white oak radiate an earthy character, whilst expansive, floor to ceiling windows capitalise on the stunning views. The architect’s use of classic, pale wood cabinetry and generous, family style seating zones create a comfortable yet refined vibe. The incorporation of mid-century furnishings and playful abstract artworks into the open plan spaces give a nod to the home’s timeless style.

    Despite the area’s natural beauty, outdoor areas have not been forgotten. Cascading geometric water features and a resort style infinity pool create spaces for family and friends to linger and play.

    Scott Mitchell Studio Architects and Denise Kuriger Design have together created elegantly modulated spaces – both indoors and out – giving an overall sense of balance to this SoCal beauty.

    Expansive family zones give way to intimate, slender spaces in this modern beachside beauty.

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