Modern Australian Style

  • Try to describe what constitutes ‘Modern Australian’ style and you’ll likely find yourself faced with some contradictions. It’s certainly not just a matter of a beachside property drenched in natural light with plenty of neutral tones, but there’s also something unpolished and unpretentious about the way Australians cultivate their spaces. We are inspired by global trends without pandering to fads, and value craftsmanship while appreciating simplicity and functionality. In short, there’s a lot more subtlety to ‘Australian’ style than meets the eye.

    The North Fitzroy home by Pipkorn & Kilpatrick wears this style with pride, serving as the perfect starting point for a modern Australian interior. Balancing rustic, earthy materials in alongside elegant modern touches and handcrafted ceramics and artworks (and of course a touch of greenery!) this interior shines in its unpretentious simplicity – as the best Aussie homes do.

    Sleek Dining

    Designed by the renowned Karim Rashid for Riva 1920 at Fanuli, this table is certainly ‘sleek’ in every capacity, but its modern proportions are balanced by the deep oak timber.

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    Marble SV4 Light Cult

    Marble SV1 Light

    The striking combination of Italian Bianco Carrera marble and mouth-blown borosilicate glass makes this pendant light from &Tradition at Great Dane a minimal yet impactful addition to the dining space, delicate and punchy in one.

    AUD $450

    Impression 5 Screenprint

    We love the colourful print and paint works of Melbourne artist Spencer Harrison aka Spenceroni, and his bold lines and colour palette contrast nicely against the earthy, natural style of this interior. This screenprint is from his newest collection, ‘Intimate Encounters’.

    AUD $90


    Copenhague Chair

    A classic everyday chair from Hay at Cult, the matt lacquer adds a sleek look to the solid wood seat. While its also available in other colours, we like the contrast in the Fitzroy home of the rustic timber table with the black seating.

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    Stainless Steel Oven

    Made from stainless steel (not to mention a fingerprint proof finish!) this Smeg oven is perfect for fitting into a smaller kitchen, integrating into a bench space and any type of interior style with ease.


    Stoneware Bowls

    While we’ve so far avoided sandy colours as a stereotype of Australian style, we’ll make an exception for these gorgeous sand and cream ceramics from Kali Stoneware, for the perfect relaxed entertaining set.

    From $9 AUD

    Oak Flooring

    A stalwart design feature in Australian homes for their functionality and timelessness, seen in all manner of styles and colours. We’re partial to the Porter’s Paints French Oak Seychelles Floorboards for a sleek modern approach.


    Ceramic Pitcher

    As seen in the Fitzroy home, while Australian style is definitely a less-is-more approach, handmade and artisian elements lend a personal touch. This ceramic piece may not be a local creation, but it demonstrates the craftsmanship and ‘built to last’ mentality that characterises Australian style.

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