Mist House by Evgeniy Bulatnikov

  • There are certain pockets of the world that really tug on our design strings and one of those is Kiev, Ukraine. Here we previously discovered the emerging talent of Evgeniy Bulatnikov in the Beige Apartment — a collaboration with Emil Dervish — that whet our appetite for his flawlessly balanced and outwardly elegant work. The latest to leave Evgeniy Bulatnikov’s desk is the Mist House; a 191 square metre apartment of vigorous forms and distinguished details. While Evgeniy Bulatnikov may shy of the spotlight, the quality of the Mist House makes it hard to escape.  

    DESIGN Evgeniy Bulatnikov 

    While the word ‘timeless’ is readily thrown around in interior vernacular, it’s the Mist House by Evgeniy Bulatnikov that remains close to the dictionary definition. The classic quality of the interior was laid down by the original features and Evgeniy Bulatnikov’s preservation, from the ceiling cornices to the French doors. Whitewashed parquetry timber was a fitting decision to create flow between the open plan living and private bedroom suite — and in this contemporary intervention, the stately choice of materiality doesn’t stop here. The two segmented zones take pride in their generous serve of marble, namely the Statuario marble slab bench and the rich and robust Pierre Bleue bathroom – enticing us for a lavish soak in the custom bath.

    On this bed of conspicuous materials, Evgeniy Bulatnikov has layered the Mist House with design icons. The heavy-hitters are the Le Corbusier & Pierre Jeanneret chairs, in the company of Hans Verstuyft’s Austere Table Light that appears to balance on the workspace. It’s Vola heaven in the bathroom, of brushed brass fixtures juxtaposing dramatically with the dark stone. The Vola name extends into the kitchen with a brushed brass kitchen mixer and informs the ceiling and pendant lighting throughout. Monochrome masculine art accentuates the tone Evgeniy Bulatnikov’s work sets, resting on ‘wolf’ coloured lime paint

    Keep an eye on Evgeniy Bulatnikov, because we’re only expecting more exciting things to come from the young gun. The Mist House stands testament to the designer’s keen eye, that will reflect a grandeur just as beautifully in ten years time as it does today.

    Just as in Evgeniy Bulatnikov’s previous work, the Mist House hosts a pared-back palette but to no sobering effect. In fact, the palette heightens the tactility of the smooth and polished surfaces.

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