Minimalist Belgian style from Frederic Kielemoes

  • Belgium is a place of luxury, from their chocolate right down to their art nouveau scene. After all, it’s pretty hard for a town that gave us Audrey Hepburn to not be sophisticated. This refined sense of luxury shines through when looking at H Ardooie, a modern apartment that exudes minimalist Belgian style, thoughtfully designed by local designer Frederic Kielemoes. Glowing with natural light and contrasting fixtures, and drawing on the sleek use of grey concrete on the walls giving a rustic yet polished air. This abode subtlely taps you on the shoulder with its presence rather than screaming it from the rooftops.

    DESIGNER Frederic Kielemoes | PHOTOGRAPHY Cafeine

    There’s no doubting the industrial beauty apparent in this design, and yet it doesn’t feel cold or clinical – instead projecting a warm, enticing feel. The perfect contrast between natural materials such as concrete, wood and marble surround the home and give a sophisticated appearance. Kielemoes’ work usually favours pattern and repetition, and this is present here in the natural wood selection, which gives a lovely patterned finish especially in sunlight. The palette is mostly subdued but includes a few pops of green in the kitchen island and wall among the mostly greys, blacks and whites that dominate. Overall, the apartment feels very European and represents a true mix of modern and classical design.

    The design of the wooden panels throughout the kitchen almost looks like a modern artwork in their own right, resembling a Piet Mondrian painting. Stunning black doors contribute depth to the space. Pops of bright copper are seen in the tapware and accessories throughout, providing a beacon that lights the way on your journey through the home. Plenty of storage throughout providing function and form adds to the homes minimalist feel. Hidden in plain sight down the end of a hallway is the amazing built-in fridge, providing more than enough space than you could imagine. Glass also compliments the feel throughout the kitchen with modern range hoods and appliances built in the walls and island, maximising space.

    The furnishings are minimal but striking. A sophisticated large dark wood dining table sits next to the kitchen, beautifully contrasting the lighter toned wood used on the side of the kitchen island. The dining nook contains a round light wooden table surrounded by eclectic green leather chairs that wouldn’t look out of place in a 1970s kitchen, yet still endure as contemporary design features. The home feels very classically Belgian but also very worldly – it wouldn’t be out of place in Melbourne or New York. A minimalist space that has many stories to tell while still remaining unique and full of life. A standard in luxury, and as sweet as a Belgian chocolate.

    A luxurious interior that draws on refined and recurring features such as copper and modern art throughout to inspire a classically European aesthetic. A true Belgian masterpiece.

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