Milan 2023 | Exploring Italian Finesse with Maxalto

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  • As one of the most authentic representations of ‘Made in Italy’, Maxalto is revered for its deep respect for craftsmanship and Italian heritage. The effortless blending of innovation, sophistication, and functionality are at the core of every collection, and their 2023 Salone del Mobile stand was a testament to the brand’s ongoing commitment to understated yet refined furniture.

    To conceive their stand, Maxalto turned to Antonio Citterio, one of Italy’s greatest contemporary designers, whose gallery concept was formed by a series of separate rooms. Softly illuminated by high walls constructed of rice paper, where the brand’s most iconic products held a delicate dialogue alongside fine objects and works of art. The exhibition reflected restrained Japanese beauty, complete with a soft colour palette, clean lines and harmonious proportions.

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    Guests to Salone were drawn into the unifying fusion of contemporary and classic design elements, where every element, from the upholstery to the woodwork, embodied a sense of mastery that elevated the overall aesthetic. In line with the growing emphasis on sustainability in design, Maxalto’s Salone stand also highlighted its pledge to responsible production practices. The collection featured eco-friendly materials, including responsibly-sourced wood and recycled fabrics, demonstrating that elegance and sustainability can coexist, inspiring visitors to make conscious choices toward a better future.

    Through a future-focused lens, Maxalto looked to the past for inspiration and presented an evolution of pieces within each ‘room’. As well as relaunching their original 1970s logo, they unveiled new pieces which reflected on their Italian heritage, including the curved form of the Tesaurus cabinetry, embossed with the 1970s logo as a repeated pattern taking over the entire glossy surface. Other standout pieces included the Arbiter; a modular seating system with extra-large measurement sand oversized cushions, and the geometric shape of the newly-released Caratos chair, an iteration of Antonio’s original design recast in an array of earthy tones.

    Beyond infusing his artistic vision into the stand concept, Citterio’s role at Maxalto is both long-standing and instrumental in creating a space and collection that epitomises the brand’s philosophy of meticulous attention to detail and deep respect for traditional craftsmanship.

    This article was featured in the latest issue of est magazine, the Milan 2023 Special Issue.

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