Milan 2022 | Lighting Highlights from 5VIE

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    We’re highlighting three lighting designs from this year’s 5VIE Design Week, a series of art and design exhibitions in the historic centre of Milan.

    Since 2014, art and design collective 5VIE have been putting on groundbreaking exhibitions in the heart of Milan as part of Milan Design Week, coining the event ‘5VIE Design Week’. The theme encircling the ninth edition of 5VIE Design Week is ‘Prototyping Utopias – Design in Transition‘, where featured designers reimagine a more sustainable future of design. Part of the esteemed line-up, we’re highlighting the work of Giopato & Coombes and Australian designers Volker Haug Studio and Tom Fereday, who each presented an innovative approach to prototyping utopias in the form of lighting designs. 


    Stay tuned for est’s extensive coverage of Milan Design Week 2023, currently scheduled for 18-23 April.

    Milan 2022 | Lighting Highlights from 5VIE

    Giopato & Coombes, ‘Maehwa: Into the Bloom’ | Photography courtesy of Giopato & Coombes

    Treviso-based design partnership Giopato & Coombes presented their new Maehwa (meaning ‘plum blossom’ in Korean) collection in the form of a site-specific installation entitled ‘Into the Bloom’. The collection draws inspiration from a moment co-founders Cristiana Giopato and Christopher Coombes shared in a park in Seoul. Staring up at the park’s plum blossoms, the two recall being “suspended” in time and completely immersed in nature, prompting them to design the Maehwa collection around the “casual, yet precise” composition of the trees. ‘Into the Bloom’ evokes that moment of “ephemeral wonder” through organic glass light structures.

    Melbourne-based lighting manufacturer Volker Haug Studio explored different brass variations in a new light series entitled ‘und Messing’ (meaning ‘and Brass’ in German). Two years in the making, each uniquely-shaped piece shows the hand of its maker, speaking to the meticulous processes behind the finished forms.

    Sydney-based product designer Tom Fereday’s ‘Port Light’ exhibition celebrated the refractive properties of cast crystal glass in the form of an experimental table and wall light collection. Handmade in Australia, each glowing sculptural form can be reversed simply by flipping its glass body, presenting an evolving spectrum of mood and light.

    Stay tuned for more Milan 2022 highlights in est Magazine issue #45, released July 1.

    Milan 2022 | Lighting Highlights from 5VIE

    Volker Haug Studio, ‘und Messing’ | Photography courtesy of Volker Haug Studio

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