OIGÅLL PROJECTS Presents ‘Design House’ for Melbourne Design Week

  • WORDS Holly Beadle

    Independent, Fitzroy-based gallery OIGÅLL PROJECTS is presenting a celebration of functional Australian design entitled ‘Design House’, timed with both Melbourne Design Week and the opening of their new upstairs showroom.

    Design House is centred around the concept of design objects as functional components of a space to serve a purpose rather than just to be aesthetically pleasing. “These objects inform our lives, improve them, and sometimes even inconvenience them, but always enrich them,” OIGÅLL PROJECTS artistic director Andy Kelly says. The gallery chose ten of their favourite Australian designers to convey this message. It challenged them to co-inhabit one space while critically analysing their work as they use it, not as they see it. 

    Among the ten names chosen were Volker Haug Studio, Olivia Bossy and Henry Wilson – recognised as esteemed 10 multidisciplinary designers in 2023. Melbourne Design Week offers these designers the opportunity to showcase their work on a commercial scale, in front of design-discerning audiences, in significant spaces such as OIGÅLL PROJECTS. 

    Design House is set to take place from May 26-28 at OIGÅLL PROJECTS’ new upstairs showroom on Gertrude Street in Fitzroy. Entry is free, and there is no booking required. For more details, visit the Melbourne Design Week website

    “Your creative vision will evolve with time, but your inclinations, however out-of-the-box, are precisely what gives your work its unique flavour and keeps people intrigued.”


    – Volker Haug, Melbourne

    Volker Haug Studio | Photography by Pier Carthew

    Milan 2022 | Lighting Highlights from 5VIE

    Volker Haug Studio | Photography courtesy of Volker Haug Studio

    Milan 2022 | Lighting Highlights from 5VIE

    Volker Haug Studio | Photography courtesy of Volker Haug Studio

    “Schlep down your own path and come at it sideways. Financially it won’t make sense for a while and people may not get it but then things will hopefully fall into place and you will be doing exactly what you love.”


    – Olivia Bossy, Sydney

    Olivia Bossy | Photography by Traianos Pakioufakis

    Olivia Bossy | Photography by Tom Ross

    “The Australian landscape is what predominantly influences my work – in its multiformity and in the singular qualities of its light. Nothing remains perfect in Australian conditions, and I believe weathering is to be accepted and valued.”


    – Henry Wilson, Sydney


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