MEJ Residence by Nickolas Gurtler

  • MEJ Residence by Nickolas Gurtler

    Nickolas Gurtler brings the colours and textures of the Australian landscape to a newly restored heritage home in Malvern, Melbourne.

    In the leafy Melbourne suburb of Malvern, a 1930s home has been expertly restored and extended by architect Paul Gleeson. Post-renovation, the owners commissioned interior designer Nickolas Gurtler to introduce tactful layers of furniture and art to carry the home to fruition. At present, MEJ Residence is a case study on the colours and textures of the Australian landscape – the earth, bush, ocean and sky – and how they can be used to convey a deep reverence for history.

    MEJ Residence by Nickolas Gurtler

    Artwork by Mike Dargas

    MEJ Residence by Nickolas Gurtler

    The second living room features the Jardan Valley sofa, Joy ottoman and Loop rug, plus the &Tradition Journey table lamp.

    The brief for MEJ residence was twofold; there was to be life and colour instilled throughout while considering the building’s past. “The clients strongly wanted to honour both the heritage elements of the home and the intentions put forward by the architect,” Nickolas explains. Actioning this desire, the interiors strike a balance between the formality of the 1930s architecture and the “sleek playfulness”, as Nickolas calls it, of Paul’s contemporary additions. Formal furniture arrangements make up one side of the scales – sculptural, textural pieces make up the other. As a result, the final product values order while still offering ample room to play.

    “We looked to express the French architectural technique of ‘enfilade’ through a colour palette inspired by the Australian landscape,” Nickolas says. Enfilade translates to a group of rooms arranged formally together – usually in a row with each room opening into the next. This technique is common in Nickolas’s work, calling forth a portfolio of highly functional, interconnected interior spaces. In MEJ Residence, the natural flow of space begins at the front, where warm, earthy tones – rusts, caramels and forest greens – reign. Transitioning into the rear of the home is where the cooler tones – blues, silvers and blacks – start to appear, anchored still to the familiar forest greens. 

    MEJ Residence by Nickolas Gurtler

    Quintessential European design and locally-made pieces are placed side-by-side. For example, in the main living room, the Nepal chair by Italian brand Baxter is juxtaposed with the Agent 86 sofa and two Harvey armchairs by Australian brand grazia&co. Also pictured: the Hay Slit table, B&B Italia Alanda coffee table, Artemide Shotgun lamp, Nickolas Gurtler Acropolis side table and Jardan Loop rug.

    The material palette, like the furniture, is a dialogue between the raw and the refined; the playful and the formal; the new and the old. Tactile textures such as boucle, fur, timber, velvet and wool contrast against more treated textures such as smoked glass, polished chrome, honed granite and leather. 

    The home that prevails is precisely what the clients had envisaged: coloured-in and tactful.

    MEJ Residence by Nickolas Gurtler

    grazia&co Iva stools in the MEJ Residence kitchen.

    In the entrance hall, a vintage Pierre Jeanneret bench sits adjacent to a Studio Liam Mugavin Chair B.

    MEJ Residence by Nickolas Gurtler
    MEJ Residence by Nickolas Gurtler

    The dining space features a robust material palette of leather, oak veneer, granite and stainless steel. Making an appearance is the Nickolas Gurtler Hippodrome dining table, Zuster Husk chairs and grazia&co New York sideboard.

    MEJ Residence by Nickolas Gurtler

    The textural sitting room contains the Armadillo Malawi rug in saffron, King Living Zaza sofa and two grazia&co Soldier tables. Artwork by Nunzio Miano.

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