Exploring the Meaning of Home with Foscarini

  • We discover the new meaning of home with Italian lighting brand Foscarini through their ‘VITE (Lives)’ film project; a series that shares personal insight into real life at home.

    Those who renovated homes in the early noughties will recall the chandeliers suspended over kitchen island benches, bringing high glam to our homes after the restrained pared back 1990s (following a decade of excess in the ‘80s). However, with people spending more time at home, it’s now about creating spaces for oneself, with quiet, softly illuminated lighting.

    And rather than designed to impress and create the wow factor immediately upon arrival, with Foscarini it’s about creating a mood that’s captured differently in response to how each person lives.

    In partnership with Space Furniture

    Satellight suspension Lamp by Eugeni Quitllet for Foscarini in Lucia’s Venice home, Italy.

    Foscarini took an innovative and highly personal approach when it engaged artist, photographer and video maker, Gianluca Vassallo to capture 17 people in their homes in cities, including Copenhagen, New York, Naples, Shanghai and Venice. The year-long project captured people as they live with the simple pleasures of life, hence the name The VITE (lives). And rather than the traditional approach of highlighting each Foscarini design, Vassallo placed the people ‘centre-stage’, with the lighting allowing the ‘performers’ to shine or beautifully captured in subtle shadow.

    But unlike a performance, these people are real, going through their daily routines. Table lamps, floor lamps and pendants designed by Foscarini are firmly engrained into the homes featured in Vassallo’s films. With the touch of the Satelite, a bedside lamp for example, there’s a path of illuminated light on the floor to the bathroom. 

    This unique approach of placing people in the centre of the frame rather than the product is highlighted by Carlo Urbinati, president of Foscarini. “People who very patiently have made their spaces, their lives available to us, where Foscarini has entered on tiptoe.” Whether it’s a Foscarini Satelight or the Gregg table lamps, these products take a backseat to the people featured in the films. When these lights do appear in a film, it feels as natural as pushing back crumpled sheets first thing in the morning.

    Foscarini Havana Dimmer Floor Lamp – Chrome by Jozeph Forakis for Foscarini in Lucia’s Venice home, Italy.

    Satellight LED Touch Dimmer Table Lamp by Eugeni Quitllet for Foscarini featured in Carlo’s New York City apartment, the United States.

    “People who very patiently have made their spaces, their lives available to us, where Foscarini has entered on tiptoe.”


    – President of Foscarini

    Twiggy Dimmer Floor Lamp designed by Marc Sadler for Foscarini featured in Arnò’s Home, Naples Italy.

    Although not filmed, there are a number of Foscarini lights in a house designed by architect Sean Lockyer in Newfarm, Brisbane. This home also evokes the poetry and quality of light displayed in The VITE. The harsher Brisbane light comes into play along with Foscarini lights that reflect on the cool interior, with its many concrete surfaces. “I love the thermal properties of concrete but I also enjoy the way light, both natural and manmade, creates a constant play against these surfaces,” says Lockyer. “They provide a ‘quiet’ light, almost recessive, but you are certainly conscious of them,” he adds.

    For Foscarini, The VITE series is about telling stories, even when words are not used. The light on someone who is resting at home or a husband or son ready to set off on a distant journey has been beautifully captured by Vassallo. Given the brief for the films was to ‘roam in real and personal environments’, the lens moves freely, just like the trajectory of the natural light from dawn until dusk. The Foscari lights help to shape the stories of the people who inhabit these spaces. And their lives become richer as a result.

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    Outdoor Gregg Grande Floor Lamp designed by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba for Foscarini featured in Danny’s House designed by Shaun Lockyer Architects | Photography by Andy Macpherson

    Outdoor Gregg Grande Floor Lamp designed by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba for Foscarini

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